Friday, April 11, 2014

J is for Jobs

Can we call this my observing look? (lol)  Even not, that is what I'm going with.

Greetings everyone!

Confession time:  The current job I am working does nothing to show off the skills I've acquired in high school or in college.  I get points on my pleasant professional voice when I answer the phone.  Looks of amazement are constant after completing assignments when in reality, some of the stuff I'm asked to do can be performed with not much (read no) brain power.  No one has to worry about me spilling out confidential information because I don't talk that much anyway, and besides I don't care enough about what they want me to keep secret.

I'm the type of person who tends to give my best in whatever project I'm in.  I used to think that if I worked hard enough and made myself available whenever it is needed, then I would get rewarded.  In my jobs from the past, I was very quick to get promoted or to head projects.  People say my biggest assets are my determination, my willingness to learn, and how quickly I caught on to things.  

FYI: The things I'm about to say reflect my experiences only.  If things are going differently in your neck of the words, awesome sauce.

In the past few years (particularly since I've lived in NJ), the things that used to be exemplary are now expected.  You used to be asked if you could stay extra hours or could give up a few hours on your scheduled day off.  Now you're just told.  You used to be given ample time to recuperate if you were ill.  Now it's like, "Can you get back as quick as you can?"  

I got discarded from my old job after a few months earlier, there were hints I would definitely be getting another promotion.  This promotion would have allowed me to be more behind the scenes than hands on.  There would still be long hours but it would be in different ways.  If it weren't for that, I would not have stayed.  You see, I had gotten as high up from the base level as possible--so I was a bit stuck.  

The next step up would allow me to utilize more of my business background, which is what I was hoping for. Yet once the business ended up in someone else's hands, he had a different vision for who he wanted to shape his initiative.  I wasn't part of his plan.  I am not one that goes along with things that do not make sense.  I wanted to be inquisitive; he saw it as insubordination.  Although my know how made that particular location more money than they had seen in years, just because I wouldn't go along with his idiocy, I was the "dinosaur that wasn't down with the new wave of things".  In other words, no cooperation equaled elimination. 

When you give that much just to be treated horribly, it takes a toll on you.

I was brought up old school.  My grandparents told me that I should be a honest, hard working person.  I should get a good education.  It will all pay off in the end.

Does it really pay off?  There are so many people I see with high paying jobs that can't think their way out of a paper bag.  Yet the ones who have credentials are getting skipped over.  The conclusion is made, "We have to pay this person way too much money?  Let's just send her a letter and deem her overqualified.  Let's tell her that she is way too good for this job and we wish her the best in her endeavors."

Yet if I am really thought I was too good, I would not have even applied.  I'm sorry--people now would rather hire someone willing to take less pay than a person who is worth his salt.  It no longer matter if the person has any type of knowledge.

Reference: Quality Management-The New Joke, What Goes Around

At one point I was working two jobs.  One boss I was working for was fresh out of college.  He wanted to be friends with everybody.  He didn't know how to provide leadership so people did whatever the hell they wanted to do.  That guy being anyone's leader was a joke.

Then, the people who are lackadaisical in their tasks get multiple chances at redemption.  I kid you not.  At one job, upper management had proof this other person was stealing yet the guy didn't get fired.  The other guy who was always dependable was late one time.  It was because his wife was sick.  It didn't matter to them because he was let go.  Last I heard, the "thief" was still there.

Being at one job for a long period of time is no longer the standard anymore.  Job security and benefits have been whittled down to a pipe dream.  I understand why more people are working for themselves, yet even with that it has to be done well.

I can't give my "all" anymore.  That is no longer appreciated.  I'm not saying that not to work hard.  Yet I can't get caught up in caring about certain things.  My new phrase, "That's not in my pay grade."  In reality, it isn't.  Once I start getting promoted or paid more to care about certain events, then I will.  Yet, I don't see that happening any time soon at this place.  You're more likely to get let go due to budget cuts than see a pay raise.  This place is "Temp City."

I'm still looking for a full time job that will actually work for me.  Until that time (and with how tough things still remain--don't believe what the media is feeding you), I'm holding on to what I have.


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Reggie said...

I hate my job.

It pays the bills, but I hate it with a passion. I'm forever hearing of someone who absolutely loves their job....I've just never met anyone like that before.