Saturday, January 7, 2012

What Goes Around...

Reference:  Quality Management

I feel I have to put this down just before I attempt to get some sleep.

About a week ago, my temp assignment came to a close.  However, during that time, I had another job as a cashier at a travel stop.  I took it during a period of time when I had been looking for work, but had gotten no interviews, interviews but no callbacks, or in that particular instance, the temp agency didn't have anything for me.  I figured something would be better than nothing at all.

It has been a bit of a struggle, however.  I don't mind the main boss.  He's been very flexible because I did tell him about the situation regarding the temp jobs.  He also hasn't caused me too much aggravation.  The most aggravating thing he does is either he schedules me too early and forgets to adjust it for when I have a temp assignment and/or I put in for a day off ( ahead of time) and forgets to mark it on the schedule.

The biggest struggle has been the guy I mentioned in the reference blog.  The one who seems to go out of his  way to make me miserable; he comes across as very passive-aggressive in his mannerisms. (I call him Red Head, mainly because he has red hair.)

The biggest trick he pulled this past Monday.

On Monday, it was relatively slow.  Unless it's a holiday of some sorts (which in a lot of places, Monday was kind of a holiday and some places were closed since New Year's was on a Sunday), it is usually busy.  But that particular Monday it was slow.

Around 6 or so, Red Head comes by and says I could go home if I wanted to.  I asked him if he was sure, since he said it so casually.  He told me yeah and to let him know, since it was so slow anyway.  The other guy I worked with took his break early, and once he came back from his break, I approached Red Head, letting him know I was ready to go.

Then, he tells me, "Change of plans.  You can't go now."

I ask him why he changed his mind, and he doesn't give me a viable response.  Instead he made it seem like the directive came from another manager, who wasn't even the closer (He is the closing manager), saying, "Well, she changed her mind."

Needless to say, I was pissed.  Not really because of not being able to go home early.  Just the principle of the thing.  If it was supposed to be a joke, it wasn't funny.  If he didn't get the go ahead from someone else, he could have said that.  But he did neither.

Well, when I came to work today, one of the other guys told me that Red Head got fired.

I'm not one to wish bad luck on anyone, but I feel like one should be careful how he treats people, particularly if he's in a position of power.

One thing the economy has definitely taught me is even when you are on the top of your game, you are not indispensable.

Especially if you aren't treating people the way you should.

Neither the guy I worked with tonight or myself got the true story as to why Red Head was let go.

All I know is that it will be good to get off work on time from now on out instead of unnecessarily having to stay sometimes forty minutes later.

It will be nice to NOT have someone constantly prying into my private life when I've said time and time again to quit doing it.

It will be refreshing to NOT have a manager who makes inappropriate comments and pathetic jokes.

It will be awesome to NOT have someone poking fun at my slight Southern accent, which came out more around him because he would aggravate me so.

It will be terrific to have someone NOT follow me around to confront me when I'm trying to calm down to keep from punching him in the nose.

My world is a better place with Red Head not around.

I can't really speak for the employees who have been able to get away with doing the bare minimum because they knew with Red Head around, it was like not having a manager around at all.

I'm sure there is a bit uneasiness as to who will replace Red Head.

Will they send someone from another plaza?

Will the replacement be more hard-nosed....I'm sure the replacement will; I don't know of any manager that was as complacent as Red Head.

Well, when what goes around comes around....that's what you get.  One.


Reggie said...

When I was paid by the hour, I never volunteered to go home early.....never. In the business I work in now, this time of year is somewhat slow and sometimes we'll ask people if they'd like to go home early. Some go, some don't. I never push anyone. I don't joke about it, because it's not funny.

It is what it is. Everyone would like to run good labor costs, but there is always a cost of running any legitimate business.

No Labels said...

Yeah he has also told me that I am scheduled to come in but when I make the drive, I look to find I am not on the schedule for that day. Or I am scheduled but due to it being slow I get sent home. The latter situation I can understand (cutting labor costs) but the former? Why tell me I am scheduled and have me drive twenty five minutes only for me to have to drive back? To me that is just wrong. But I am glad I don't have to deal with that from him anymore. Thanks for your feedback Reggie.