Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for...I

Okay so grammar wise, it isn't correct.  (Oops!)

You ever have one of those days when you are just dead last in the hierarchy of what has to be accomplished?  Then by the time you get to you, you are just pooped.

Even worse, you have every intention of dealing with you first but things happened which kept it from even occurring?

I would just like a day simply for yours truly.  That day would consist of:

  • Not having to take any phone calls
  • Not having to answer any e-mails
  • Not doing any reviews
  • Not doing any editing
  • Not doing any household duties
  • Not doing any duties where I have to serve the role of superhero, therapist, mother, sex kitten, scientist, or surgeon


  • No computer (unless I'm doing writing).  If I'm really going old school, unlined paper and pen/pencils.
  • No cell phone.  If so, having on 24 hour Do Not Disturb.
  • No cleaning products.
  • No masks.

Even now, my inner busy bee, workaholic, and dedicated energy for everyone are all protesting at the same time.  This is the part where I'm going to get out the Raid, turn myself in to Workaholics anonymous, and shut off my power source.

I love ya'll, but it's about that time.  What do you know?  Time has an I.


1 comment:

Reggie said...

I'd like a day like that too.