Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for Hinder

Greetings everyone!

It is times like these when I hate being a woman.  Menopause would be welcomed at a time like this.  When I get this way, it's so hard to achieve a level of comfort.  I focus on productivity to take my mind off the pain.

Last night, even though my eyes and my mind cried for sleep, my body acted like I was speaking in Russian. No comprehension.  It wasn't as if the aggravation could get planted into something to write.  I didn't even feel like writing.  Then I thought if I could look at some news, my brain could trick my body since it didn't want to negotiate.  My body wasn't falling for that Jedi mind trick.

I also thought about some sleepy time tea but had used my last bag.  Next plan of action was to soak in the tub yet fear of falling asleep in the tub hit me.  (It has happened before but I wasn't normally alone.)  I reached for my strong pain killers.  Although they do put me to sleep, they put me to sleep for a long time. That long time was greater than four hours--which was when my alarm would go off to get to work.

In the end, here I am--functioning on about three and a half hours of sleep.  I'm so glad the main boss isn't here today.  His grumpy and my grumpy would not have gotten along.   I've been a bit quieter than usual and no one has asked.  For once, everybody is staying out of my business.  That is how I like it.

Yet it is also why I tell  people to not call me at work.  I'm in an open area, not a cubicle or a closed office. That means the people in the front office and the other executive assistant next to me can hear anything that is said on the office phone.  They can't help themselves; they are just that nosy.  I found out the extent of the nosiness when the main boss asked me close to closing time--"Everything all right at home?"  I wasn't even talking that loud (not nearly as loud as he talks), but I guess it was noticed.

My happiness is hindered but it's quite all right.  With a long hot soak, a good book, some heavy pain killers, and four more days, my monthly joy snatcher will be on her way.


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