Saturday, April 12, 2014

K is for Kite

As the wind was blowing, I tried to recall if I had ever flown a kite before.  I have observed others flying kites.  I always find it fascinating.  All it depends on is the wind, and it's just magnificent in the simplicity.

The other day I was tempted to buy a kite, but noticed the weird looks that I received.  I could have been getting it for my child.  Folks can be so nosy!

I was observing the different shapes and colors.  Next thing you know, a person comes over and asks if I need help.  I told him no thank you and kept looking around.  Then, a few minutes after that, another person came over.  I know the person is just trying to do his or her job, yet it was the second person that asked within a five minute time frame.

Do these people think I'm going to shove a kite down my bra?  I know I'm chesty but really?  Even thinking about it gives me chuckles!  The constant people wanting to assist me just aggravated to the point where I no longer felt like buying the least from that particular location.

Oh well!  Maybe another time and definitely another place.


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