Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Little

Yes it is the little things.  At least it is for me.

Yesterday, it was so nice to have a day where there was just wind and sun.  I wanted to go for a walk.  Feeling a bit of cabin fever was an understatement.  Yet I didn't want to deal with driving either.

The hubby and I walked to the museum.  It is no small hike.  At times, I look at him and feel slightly envious.  He's tall and relatively slender.  He makes any trek anywhere look like a cake walk.  At times he probably slowed his stride so I could catch up.

I didn't know the museum was open on Sunday.  If I had known, the walk would have started earlier.  I like all parts of the museum but Fine Arts has always been my weakness.  We didn't quite finish observing everything before we got ushered out.

Two conclusions:

(1) I have to get back into walking shape.

(2) There's always next Sunday.


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