Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M is for Mood Ring

I went through a phase where I liked wearing rings on every one of my fingers (with the exception of my thumbs).  I also had a thing for mood rings and feel very sad that I don't have any of them.

Side Note: I do still like wearing a lot of rings--just not as many due to where I work at.

Moving on, because this blog isn't about my love of mood rings.  It's just my way of saying that I'm feeling in a bit of a "mood" about a lot of things.

Like, just because I'm expressing my disdain about something, it doesn't mean I'm "premenstrual", "having my period", or I'm like that "because I'm a woman".   Can we entertain for one second that the other person could have done something that warranted confrontation?

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Also just because your fifth cousin or your neighborhood buddy thought something you wrote was "bad ass", it doesn't give the seal of approval to share with the world.  Some things just need to stay within your circle. Writing for pleasure and lots of ego strokes: personal posting.  Putting your work out there to get talked about by anyone and everyone--whether its in a positive or negative manner: public posting.  

To add on to that, why do some people assume that just because a person writes in the same genre it automatically means a good rating on a book?  "Hey, she writes paranormal.  That means I'm a shoo in." Then the person wants to get mad because he got a low rating.  The whole "how can you hate on me when we write the same stuff; we're supposed to be in this together" spiel.  Sorry, but I'm not the type that looks at blood coming out of my finger and calls it red wine or ketchup.  If something's poo, it's poo.

Something else that's been on my mind is marketing.  Yes, I know marketing is necessary.  Quite frankly, it's my least favorite thing to do.  However, shouldn't there be etiquette with this, too?

When I come to a group, I always read the rules first.  I check to see what type of material it accepts (if it doesn't take my type of work, then I move on), as well as how often I can advertise.  Some places allow a certain day.  If I miss that day, then I'm patient enough to wait until the next day.  Some spots you have to post in a certain thread; then I post in that thread.

Yet how can people claim to be writers but don't read?  How can a rule say "FREE books only" and someone post something that's for sale?  How can the rules clearly state "only post on Mondays" yet there's always someone who thinks he is the exception and posts on Tuesdays?  Then these "non-reading authors" wonder why they get banned.

Since I'm not a fan of spammers, I do my best to not do that on any clubs I've been added to, invited to, or joined.  If there's a club I was added to that isn't my cup of tea, I don't put on a theatrical production.  I just leave quietly.  You might not have even known I was there.

I know this may come across as if I'm highly pissed.  Seriously I'm not.  Simply saying it with my chest.


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