Saturday, June 15, 2013

Glam Central Arrives

Greetings everyone!

I did mean to do this post sooner but I have been a busy bee--mainly trying to promote my latest book, Reflections of Soul, as well as trying to get back in the swing of networking.  I've been doing this primarily on my other blog, A Queen's Ramblings, because it is the spot where I mainly host my writings--published or unpublished.

However, the only way I was going to do some personal catch up is if I take a break from the promoting.

Reference:  Glam Central Coming Soon; Marriage: The Verdict

For the past few months, I have been hinting that the blue dress, the shoes, the nails, and the jewelry were for a special occasion but I never quite spelled out exactly what.

One person did confess she already had figured it out but was waiting to see if her thoughts were accurate.

Everyone else was completely surprised.

The Sweetie and I made the decision to go ahead and get married.  It was a very small ceremony and it took place a little over a week ago on June 6th at 2:00 at the courthouse.  I was still set on wearing blue but I didn't want to wear my wedding dress.  Plus, I've lost quite a bit of weight since I got the dress it would cost a lot just to get the dress refitted.  Honestly I didn't have the extra money on hand like I did before.  The blue dress from Igigi I felt was very elegant as well as sophisticated.  Plus the material was very comfortable as well as breathable.

In addition, the jewelry matched rather well with the dress.  I know the pendant may seem odd but once I put it on, it really brought the outfit together.  It was very dressy and gave the right ambiance.

I was quite pleased with my nails, although I ended up spending a bit more than anticipated.  When I first stopped by the nail place, the person making the appointment made it seem like the nail look was acrylic.  However when I got to speaking with the nail tech, she expressed that the look was actually gel and recommended I go with the gel for a more authentic look and for longevity.  She also said that my toe nails would look better with the silver streak across them than to be left blue on their own.

I have to say Jessica was on point with her suggestions and the nails looked just like the original picture.

This is the original picture I showed the nail tech from Pinterest.

Jessica from Best Spa and Nails handiwork.

As far as my makeup, I wanted to do something a little bit extra: a mixture of the silver and the blue to coordinate with the dress and jewelry.  I tried my hand with the eyeliner and the eyelash mascara.  With the lipstick, I reached a happy medium.  I didn't want to go too dark, yet I didn't want to go too light either.  This is a shade I hadn't used in a while (simply because I am just now finding it) but it served my needs, plus it wasn't as quick to fade as my other shades.

I ditched the glasses for my contacts.  

Since I am finding myself in between shades as far as my makeup, I did a blend of colors and used some pressed powder to tie things together.  

I am still learning.  Using the primer does make all the difference in getting the makeup to stay put together as well as being able to apply the loose powder to keep down shine.  

I usually have a thing for taking full length pictures.  On this particular day I definitely made an exception.  So did the Sweetie because he's not a huge fan of dressing up or taking pictures but when he does, he is one handsome fella.  He gets the looks from his mom (see below).

Before the exchange.

Can you tell they're brothers?

One thing I do know is that it does take a picture to really see some things.  I definitely do see that I have lost quite a bit of weight.  I even lost a bit since I had purchased the dress back in February.  Although I haven't had the stamina since I got sick back in April, I have still continued to stay eating healthy and trying not to fall back into old habits.

Well, as far as events that happened before this time as well as after this time, I'll cover that in a separate blog.  I'll just leave you guys with my marriage glow.


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