Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Glam Central--Coming Soon

Greetings everyone!

How are you?  I've been doing all right.  I have a lot of things on my mind and not quite sure where to begin. I will just begin here.

In a couple of days, I will get a chance to wear an outfit that I bought back in February.  I got quite a deal on the dress.  I took advantage while this website had the Super Bowl special.  Yes, this place has incredible clothes for the full figured/curvy female; however, it can run a bit expensive for one who is watching her pennies.

The name of the site is Igigi; the designer Yulila Raquel.  I even did a spotlight on the designer on one of my other sites, The Fame and The Shame.

The dress is in one of my favorite colors: blue.  It also has a V neckline. which I am a fan of.  I can show you better than I can tell you.

(it's actually a little bit darker in person)

Originally, I was going to go with the gold, similar to how the lady is in the picture.  However, someone who I deem as the jewelry lady decided to make some custom pieces to go along with the dress--a nice combination of natural stones.

You can find some of her wonderful work on Facebook and also on Pinterest. Her business is known as Exquisite Elegance, and I just love how creative she can get just when one shows her a picture of a dress or even gives her an idea.

So when I showed her the dress above, she came up with the pieces below:

Bling bracelet


Eye pendant

Rose and initial bracelet (I know it's hard to see but there's a M next to the rose)

The complete set.

It's the full gambit--a combination of howlite, agate, and moonstone.  The pictures don't quite do the pieces justice.  I do confess the earrings have a bit of weight to them, yet as long as I'm not doing too much moving around.

Since the pieces encompass some level of bling, I had to change my original plan of going with gold.  Therefore, some silver shoes with bling or blue shoes were on the menu.

I couldn't find any blue shoes (it's very hard to match blue) that quite fit the bill, so silver with bling seemed the obvious choice.  However I had to find the right combination of comfort and style.  This can be a struggle for me because I'm not used to wearing heels that are overly high (I'm just now getting back in the habit), plus the shoe has to have some level of support in the arch for me to deal with them.

After lots of looking, I decided on the Tika sandal from DSW.  I made sure to go to the store to try on the sandal since some shoes fit differently on me than others.  I had to end up ordering them online because they didn't have my size in the store.

Try to ignore the ugly footie.

Here's a better picture.

I do wish the shoes had a bit of platform because that would help a bit with the arch.  Overall, it's a pretty comfortable shoe.  I did get some gel cushions to help with the sliding, since sometimes my foot tends to slide forward.

After that got situated, I did debate on whether new undergarments were necessary.  Since the dress is made to cover up things, I decided I didn't need a strapless bra and what I had would do but I did need something to go along with it.  One of those things I will have to search for after I get my nails done.

I'm also going to get my nails done.  I rarely do my nails, but it's because I do a lot of things with my hands.  When I do my own manicures, within days, part of the nail polish is gone already.  However, I am getting tips with a tropical (I just learned the term--the whole putting the silver line across), but I'm getting my toenails the blue color (no tropics or tips).

I was debating updo or waves.  I don't like pins in my hair and the only way the updo I had in mind was to stay was with lots of pins.  So I'm opting for waves.  I may do a creative pin of the waves on the top to get them out of the way.  Right now, my hair is still in the loc knots, which I may take down tonight as opposed to waiting in the morning.  I did the single strand rather than the double strand which takes longer to take down.  I'll see what happens.

I have huge butterflies and my stomach won't stop flipping.  I hope this will pass.

So many people are used to seeing me as "the girl next door", so when I do sport makeup and get overly dressy, it is always a shock.  Yes, even to me.

Secretly, I like being a bit girly--it's just I don't always have the patience to go full glam.

I'm letting people know to get their photos in--it may be a while before I get full glam again.


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