Saturday, June 15, 2013

Before and After: Crazy Never Sleeps

in my thoughts and shaking my head...
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Backtrack: Before Glam Central Arrives

I know I have to back track but I'm not quite sure where to begin.

Months ago, one of the Sweetie's friends agreed to be an integral part of a ceremony Sweetie and I are going to be a part of, which is coming up a couple of days from today.  By months ago, I mean end of last year going into January of this year.  So for a while.

Around mid May, this friend (whole I will deem MP) gets involved with a female.  MP hasn't been in a relationship in a long time.  He hadn't been in one during the time I've been with the Sweetie, which has been a little over three and a half years.  I get the whole excitement after being on a long hiatus.

MP reveals he is in a relationship--actually a day before the Sweetie's birthday (so around May 30th).  The Sweetie expresses an interest in meeting MP's chic, since MP hasn't been involved in a while.  MP seemed cool with it.  Then, because MP just got in a relationship (and we didn't want to be rude), we extended an invite for him to bring his girl.  He told us that she wouldn't be able to make it because she had to work, and we were like all right.

Things were all fine and dandy until Monday night.

The original plan was for Sweetie to spend the night over at MP's house Wednesday to give me more time to get prepared.  Plus, they hadn't hung out for a while.  MP even asked if I was dropping the Sweetie off or was he coming to pick him up at the apartment.  Sweetie told him the particulars would get worked out soon.

About an hour or so later, a weird number pops up on the Sweetie's phone.  I inquired as to who it was.  He was baffled, too.  So after he asked, the mysterious number revealed that she was MP's girlfriend.  I know Sweetie didn't give her the number, so the only way she could have gotten it was either she asked MP for it or she logged onto MP's Facebook and got the particulars, since only friends of the Sweetie can access his phone number.

Then she asks how does he know MP and Sweetie tells her; then she asks a question that made he and I both go...what the hell?  She asks Sweetie "Why do you want me?"

After Sweetie puts up question marks as a response, she goes, "Nvm. Bye."

This prompts Sweetie to contact MP and be like, "What's going on with your girl?"  MP tells us that she means nothing by it and she meant to ask, "Why do you want to meet me?"  But still, it's unnerving that she thinks she can randomly contact someone and it be all right.

But wait, it gets stranger.

Then, I log onto my FB and see that not only did I get taken off MP's buddy list, but I get a message from MP saying that "his GF hastes me."

First off, I don't know this chic.  I've never met this chic.  I've never spoken to this female in life.  How does she know me enough to hate me, and on top of that, instruct her man not to associate with me?

I forwarded the message to the Sweetie and told him he needs to talk to his boy about checking his girl because she's acting some type of crazy.

Then a few hours later, the GF texts the Sweetie, telling him that her man won't be a part of the ceremony.  Now Sweetie and I are really baffled.  If MP really isn't going to be a part of the thing, why can't he tell us?  Why his GF have to be the one to say the news?  Of course we aren't buying it until we hear it from MP himself which he doesn't do until about forty five minutes after the GF.

I'm livid because the reasoning he was giving Sweetie as to why he couldn't do it ("a lot on my mind") was a crock of shit.  I knew it had something to do with that female.

So I basically give MP what for about his actions and how this new girl has influenced him.  I just didn't understand what was her big issue with the Sweetie and me and we had never met this female before.

The following day, the Sweetie and MP talk.  Apparently, everything is back on track and MP is going to be part of the ceremony.  However, I am still feeling uneasy and tell the Sweetie to double check and make sure that his mom and brother are arriving so we would have our two witnesses in case more drama popped up.

Although the chic had apologized to the Sweetie, I still didn't feel at ease because she didn't issue an apology directly to me.  So I did approach her via FB and we kind of had it out via FB and text message regarding how I felt about how she was acting.  She apologized, citing it was mainly because of her medical condition (being bipolar) and that she hadn't had her meds.

I was still feeling a bit uneasy but to keep the peace, I tried to keep an open mind about things.  I got a chance to meet her briefly when they came to pick up the Sweetie, who was to spend the night at MP's house so I could have the time to myself to prepare for the day of.

The day of went rather well, but it was the events of the day after which struck a nerve.

The Aftermath

I had finally had times to share pictures of the event, and I tried to put descriptions with each one.  Since the Sweetie's family and MP's family are so close, Sweetie and MP consider themselves brothers more so than friends.  So in some of the captioning I would refer to MP's mom as "2nd mom-in-law" and MP as "2nd brother-in-law".

I got a text message from MP's gf citing that "MP and his mom wasn't my family", followed by deeming me a "bitch."  This, from the same chic, who was acting all sorry and wanting to be nice a few days ago.

I don't care whether chic citing bipolar or she's just using that as a cover up for acting petty and insecure, I'm like this:

Now, if this was going down in my home state, that is an invitation for me to stop by your house to do an old fashioned beat down.  That is what I would deem Southern Justice.

But after a few deep breaths and trying to put myself in check, I just texted her back and told the psycho to "quit texting me".  Then, I told MP that it's his responsibility to check his girl for getting out of line and I would appreciate it if she would quit hitting up the Sweetie and me.

He said he let her know, and she said she wouldn't do it anymore, yet she kept going behind his back and doing it.  I have the documentation to prove it.

She decided she wanted to do an ultimatum: make MP choose between a guy he's considered his brother and new sister-in-law or her.  I guess MP decided it would be better to stick with who's been around the longest.

You would think everything would be over and done with.  MP decided to call it quits.  I got added and befriended (more like re-befriended) after all of the chaos.  We should all be living happily ever after and riding off into the sunset.

Yet, as late as today, the now ex-girlfriend is still trying to reach out to me.

She's calling and sending text messages which I've been ignoring.  The latest text message being "Do you still hate me?"

It takes a whole lot for me to hate anyone, and even then, it's more my hating someone's actions than a person himself.

Besides, that chic started with me, having "hate" and calling me a bitch spew from her fingertips. ( I say fingertips because she isn't grown enough to call me and say that stuff to me over the phone.)  She went in on me and didn't even know me.

Therefore she don't even deserve a response, except a response in the form of a restraining order if she don't quit blowing up my phone.

And she may not even be worth that hassle; that is how little I think about this simple broad.

I deem her simple for many reasons:

1.  She hadn't even really known MP for a month and trying to dictate who he can and can talk to, even trying to make him break off prior commitments he made.

2.  When she would get mad at him, she is lashing out at me, and I don't have anything to say to MP.  Usually when MP talks, it's in the context of all of us talking (like Sweetie, him, and me) as opposed to a lot of one-on-one action.

3.  She goes and says she's sorry, only to revert back to her erratic behavior not even 24 hours later.

4.  She puts on this whole thing about being bipolar to try and justify acting like an insecure, overbearing jealous broad.  To me, this gives people who are really bipolar a bad name.  I know people who are bipolar who don't act as off as she does.

Side Note:  I'm not trying to say she's faking it but it's way too convenient for her to blame it on her condition whenever she acts a fool.

I'm just saying...