Friday, December 14, 2012

Top 12 Highlighted Entries of 2012

My Top 12 Highlighted Blog Entries of 2012

I just wanted to sit back to reflect on some of my blog entries from this year.  I've written more entries this year than I have in the entire time No Labels…Unleashed has been open.  Everything, even the tougher things, seemed to flow easier, and I am thankful for that.

I wanted to share some blog entries that I've selected as highlighters of 2012 as well as why I selected them.  I will also link them, so if you want to read them, or if you have already read them but need to refresh your memory, then feel free to do so.  They will be placed in the order (month, year) in which I wrote them:

1.       March 2012:  Soul Cleanse 19 (Embracing the Stillness)—This one definitely serve as introspection, a deep comparison between the relationship patterns I’m used to and the ones I’m experiencing now and learning to “welcome the quiet”.

2.       April 2012: Soul Cleanse 20 (Females & Friendship)—The evolution of how I view females and friendship; I've come a long way since Spaded Truth’s “Bitches and Betrayals.”  How I've learned from the negative experiences and cherish the Soul Sisters who have come my way.

3.       April 2012: Depression: My Story—This was inspired due to how depression gets down played in the African-American community, almost to our detriment.  I felt compelled to share my story—to dispel the visions one sees in regards to mental illness and to let others who are going through it know they are not alone.

4.       April 2012: Fashion: The Real Woman’s Synopsis—A scribe I wrote in regards to the representation of the fashion industry.  The Fashion Industry has come a long way in regards to styles for plus sized women, but it still has a long way to go.  It does bother me when smaller sized women are the ones trying to model clothes for the plus sized female.

5.       April 2012: Technology is da Ghot Damn Devil (or maybe not)—Wrote this simply because I get sick and tired of technology being blamed for breakups and drama when it’s the people who don’t know how to use the technology properly.

6.       June 2012:  Soul Cleanse 21: The Calling of The Scribe—My attempt to reach someone who is lost but also deciding that whatever the outcome, it would be my last outreach.  Although the distance is painful, the closeness is more painful than the distance.

7.       July 2012: Warped: The Bashing Within--  Exploring the bashing that plus sized women do to each other, inspired by a post by Plus Model Magazine

8.       July 2012: When My Time Comes—Inspired by experience that occurred at my grandfather’s funeral back in May 2011 and SOS’s stepfather, who died July 2012.  Like my late Aunt Emma says, “Give me my flowers when I’m living.”  Just letting people know what to do and what not to do when my time comes.

9.       August 2012: Individuality: Keep It Lit—Words of wisdom I want to pass on to one of my future seeds; don’t let anyone put shade on your shine just because they can’t understand it.

10.   October 2012: College Education: Even Riskier Than The Stock Market—The expensiveness of college and the lack of added jobs which are college degree related; just raises the question, “Is a college degree (4 year investment) still necessary?”

11.   October 2012: Realistic Dating Is Oh So Sexy—Inspired by Lincoln Anthony Blades “This Is Your Conscience” and the web series “Brothers With No Game”, it delves into the realistic aspect of dating, especially if one is on a tight budget.

12.   December 2012: Update 2012 Continuous Goals—This serves as a reflection of the goals I need to work on as well as spotlight the ones I’m doing well in. 


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Reggie said...

Some of them were serious, some of them were funny and there was a whole lotta exercise in there. It was an interesting year to be sure.