Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Randoms....

Just random stuff....thoughts, events, and the like:

1.       I have adopted adding splashes of color in my shoe collection.  I’m usually more of a black or dark brown when it comes to shoes.  

      However, I have a pair of shoes which are fuschia/pink, two pairs of tan/beige shoes, 1 pair of yellow shoes, and 1 pair of fuschia/blue shoes.  (Thanks DSW and Just Fab)

2.       I have thrown away a total of five pairs of shoes due to the fact they were worn out and raggedy.  (RIP to my favorite pair of walking sandals, my 2nd favorite pair of walking shoes, my all time favorite pair of walking shoes, and my 2nd favorite pair of boots.  The other shoe I didn't really care that much about, but I wore it in place of the others).

3.       I have set aside 2 pairs of shoes for someone who I think will be interested in wearing them.  One pair was given to me as a gift but they run about a size too small.  The other pair I can count on one hand how many times I have worn.  I figure I will see if that person is interested; if not, then I can always donate them to Goodwill (which is nearby), the Salvation Army, or get in touch with the Vietnam Vets.

4.       Speaking of donations, I have donated three bags worth of clothes (2 bags on behalf of SOS and 1 bag of my own).  It would have been more but some outfits I thought I’d never fit back into, I have, and I haven’t quite figured out if I still want to get rid of them or not.

5.       I find myself desiring at least one pair of the following colors of shoes (whether it be sandal, wedge,  pump, or boot):
a.       Camel or Mustard Yellow
b.      Royal Blue
c.       Red (Fire Engine or Blood Red)
d.      Leopard or Cheetah Print
e.      Zebra Print
f.        Deep Hunter Green
g.       White (mainly in wedge, pump or boot)

6.       I definitely want to build up my boot collection.  I have discovered after going through my shoes, I only have two pairs of boots.  This looks like it may be a tough winter, judging by how cold it has been here already, so I better get prepared.

7.       Due to a generous donation, I have more than enough warm jackets and multi functional coats to get me through the winter. 

8.       I’m both nervous and excited about using this Groupon (serious savings at this place ), even though a couple of times, I've been tempted to change my mind about it.

9.       Just because I don’t act on the urge doesn't necessarily mean I don’t want sex.  Most times, I've already climaxed in my mind, but at times, it doesn't quite fully manifest outwardly.

10.   I am amazed how eye shadow and liner makes one’s eyes stand out.  It is still hard for me to master using the eyeliner.  Guess I’m not used to the whole thing. Practice, practice, practice!

11.  If I would have loved myself then the way I love myself now, I believe a lot of the pain I went through would have been avoided.  However, I don’t think I would be the person I am if I didn't go through all the scrapes.

12.   I am getting a bit weary of hearing people complain about how far they haven’t gotten; I’d rather hear them celebrate how far they've come along.  Sure there are hiccups along every journey but you have to decide what to do with them—do you just continue to deal until they go away (passive) or do you drink some water to get rid of them (active)?

13.   I’m realizing in some situations, I have to let the other person do the activity, even if I sense there’s danger.  True, I can warn the person, but in the end, a person is going to do what he is going to do.  I can’t take the blame if it goes wrong.

14.   There are too many people letting bad things unfold and not stepping in because “it’s none of my business”.  However, wouldn't you want someone to make it his/her business if it happened to you?  Some people seem scared to do the right thing because of how it looks or what others may think.  Quit worrying about how it looks or folks thinking you are being too nosy.

15.   Every once in a blue moon, I would like to indulge in a shopping spree.  (I’m marking down this day as one of those moments)  Focus=winter clothing

16.   Every time I eat something, I check to see if any crumbs have fallen down my cleavage. (Does anyone else have this problem?)

17.   I wish the people I talk to on Facebook the most were closer in proximity.

18.   It’s not nearly as easy to make local friends as one may realize, especially if you are use to having platonic friendships with guys.

19.  I put on a skirt (which still had the tag on it) with some newly acquired heels just to see how it looked on me.  SOS looks at me and says, “Where are you going in that?”  I could not stop laughing.

20.   I was trying to get out of it but I may have to make Thursday a regular workout day, although I’m not a big fan of how crowded it is during the time I go.  Perhaps I could attempt to do it early in the morning (before day gig) or later in the evening (past 9:30), but I don’t want to disrupt my medication regimen too much.

Okay, guess that’s all my randomness for now.



Reggie said...

Shoes are to women, what porn is to men.

No Labels said...

Looks like I'm just finding that out. I never really owned a lot of shoes in the past. Like if there was a pair I really liked, I just wore them until I wore them out.

I guess I've come a long way, just like shoes have.