Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birthday Escape (the details)

The Grand Birthday Escape

Okay, now that things have kind of settled down somewhat, I finally have a chance to recap what occurred during my kidnapping.  The timing was a little awkward with my birthday being in the middle of the week; however, it seemed that certain things are affordable and more attainable in the middle of the week as well.

Well, the surprise the sweetie had for me was a trip to Atlantic City.  It had been a while since I had been down there.  I hadn’t been down there since I saw Vivian Green and Charlie Wilson perform at The Tropicana Hotel.  Then, I was down there one time before, years ago, at The Borgata.  But as far as being there for an extended period of time, beyond a night or for an event, it has never happened in the soon to be ten years (in March) since I have lived in New Jersey.

Usually, hotel check ins aren’t until 4PM at the Casino, but he actually arranged for an early check in at around 1PM, so I could spend the majority of my actual day enjoying what the hotel had to offer.  After the hour and a half drive, we ended up at Harrah’s Casino. 

The room he originally reserved wasn’t ready; however, the lady was nice enough to give us a slight upgrade to a small suite on the 2nd floor.  I didn’t really care about the size of the room.  It was just nice to be able to get away, if only for a few days.  It had been a long while since I had some spent some time away just to relax.

However, it did take a while to figure out where the rooms were, since the hotel was so big and had different towers which interconnected.  Once we figured out the lay of the casino, it became easier.

After unpacking, I heard there was a fitness center.  I actually wanted to work out, but I did give my word I wouldn't overdo it, and I wouldn’t do it for long.  Although there was some of the same equipment there than at my local gym, a lot of it was old.  Some of it was in need of WD40, especially the elliptical which seem to squeak a lot as I worked out.   I only worked out for about 40 minutes while he continued to explore, including some eating places for later on.

I applauded myself for packing smartly.  I brought a couple of dressier things in case I was taken somewhere fancy to eat.  I also brought some clothing for night life, like clubbing, although I knew it wasn’t his thing, as well as some casual clothes.  He asked me if I was in the mood for Mexican, Italian, or Seafood.  Initially I was in the mood for the latter two, but those restaurants were closed on Wednesdays.  However, the Mexican restaurant, Dos Caminos, was open, if I wanted to go.

I am a fan of authentic Mexican cuisine, so I had no problem with going.  It was the perfect time to break in a red dress I had bought years ago but hadn’t worn.  Plus, it was one of the outfits I had trouble fitting into before, but since working out and changing my eating habits, I was able to get into it comfortably.  The thing I love about the dress the most are the sleeves, the material, and that it has side pockets. 

I also intertwined some new.  I officially broke in Claudette (some sandal wedges I had purchased from Just Fab a few months back), plus some of the Ashley Stewart jewelry I had purchased (the goldtone earrings and the bold necklace). 

I also played around with more detail with my eye makeup and foundation.  I was very impressed with how a bit of color really makes the eyes stand out; I definitely liked the white shadowing trick near the inner part of the eye.  Not sure if you can really see it with the phone pic, but I did try…

He seemed pleased at the look.  Apparently, he said, so did other people.  I don’t get caught up if other people are paying attention to me.  I tend to have tunnel vision, especially if I am out with someone else. 

We arrived at the restaurant.  It was a little fancier than I was used to, and the prices in the menu reflected it, too.  However, there was this 4 course promotion going on for $39 per person; however, it didn’t include the drinks, and one can only get certain things.  I tried a lot of new things, like the white wine , the chicken taquitos (which I mentioned in one of the Practicing My T’s), and the tres leche.  The fresh guacamole was amazing!  I would have come there just for that.

After the restaurant, we remembered that we received two free passes to get into the club.  Figured since it was free, why not?  

I did have some night gear to put on, although I probably could have gotten away with the red dress and the heels.  However, for dancing, I didn’t want to take my chances with the heels, so I changed clothes. 

I did like the lighting of the club as well as the ambiance of it being outside, yet inside.  The music was all right, although it got a bit repetitious at points.  Like, since we had arrived around 10:30 ish, there was some music we had already heard when it was replayed at close to midnight.  Plus, the ladies they had dancing on the boards while in the water added a certain intrigued.  It kept the guys interested for sure.  One of the ladies was doing some fancy glow-in-the-dark hula hoop work as well.  This form of entertainment rode a fine line between night club and strip club, only there was no stripping.

At the club, I encountered this lady who just felt very comfortable in talking with me.  I don’t think she would have been as friendly if it wasn’t for the alcohol.  Some people would have kind of blown her off or ignored her, but since I’m still Southern to my core, I didn’t mind engaging in chatter with her.  I don’t even know her name; I don’t think she ever knew mine.  She had fun dancing with her guy; then she wanted me to encourage her friend (who was obviously a tag along) to dance, too.  I could feel the other friend’s pain, for I’ve been the tag along before.  The friend danced for a little bit, but as the music started morphing into techno, she sat down—wasn’t her style.  I could relate; too much techno gets to be a bit much.

Then, the drinking started getting to the lady, and she started throwing up in the bushes.  The threesome’s time was cut short, and because the DJ was now in techno mood, the music was starting to get to me.  I had danced enough; he had his fill as well.

I have never drunk enough alcohol to get wasted.  I am a lightweight.  When I do drink alcohol, I only have one glass.  It is extremely rare I have two of anything, and if I do have two, I better be close enough to a hotel or to where I stay.  If I was in a position where I could drink as much as I want, I’m still not sure I would indulge.  Besides, I’m usually the one depended on to be the designated driver when someone else is getting sloshed.  As he and I left, the poor lady was still throwing up; her guy was shaking his head, and the friend wished she wasn’t there.

The wine I had from earlier made me feel quite relaxed.  I slept for a while, up until one in the afternoon, actually.  I wasn’t sure what I felt like doing.  However, he had other plans for me as well as a reservation at The Steakhouse at 6:30.
As my next surprise, we went to the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa.  I was treated to a full body massage.  

I originally was going to do the $99 open door special but since reservations had already been made, I would not have time to indulge in everything; by that time, it was already 4:30.  I was done with my massage at 5:30 and had just enough time to change.  My mood was very relaxed, almost euphoric.  I think I was high off the lavender and cucumber as well as the cucumber water I was treated to. 

I let my skirt (a myriad of white, brown, and yellow) serve as the detail but kept my shirt very simple.  I had the eye makeup compliment the splash of yellow I had in the skirt.  The cat eye action is a bit funky, too….

The Steakhouse is so pricey.  What I mean by pricey is when you have appetizers that cost as much as a meal—like $50 appetizers.  And regular soft drinks--$5.00.  Yes, the glass is tall, but $5 for a soda?  At this place, the $39 four course promo is a steal.  The salad was good, but a bit too strong on the vinaigrette.  The new fish I tried—the pan seared turbot—and the vegetable couscous was the best part of the special.  I passed on the chowder because it was the red, not the white.  The apple pastry was good, but a little rich after a few bites.

Overall, if I had to choose between the two restaurants, I enjoyed the food at Dos Caminos better.  Also, although the service was faster at The Steakhouse, the atmosphere was friendlier at Dos Caminos.  Perhaps it had to do with The Steakhouse being pricier and more upscale…(shrugs shoulders)

After dinner, it was just nice to be able to relax in the room.  Rented a couple of movies before going to sleep. 

The ultimate question is whether I gambled or not…I did a little bit but didn’t really win anything.  Gambling isn’t really my thing, although I know a lot of people like to do it.


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Reggie said...

It sounds like you had a great time. I'm glad to hear that. I was actually in Jersey about three weeks ago. While I was there we made our way to the city to hit a few spots that we had seen advertised on The Food Network. I lived in Jersey for about seven years and we went to Atlantic City a couple of times. I had actually planned to go to AC this time, but the day got away from us and we ended up not going.

Now you're making me wish that I did actually go. The Steakhouse sounds like it would have been worth the trip.