Friday, September 21, 2012

Soul Cleanse 32: E is for Educate

Soul Cleanse 32: Educate myself continuously.

The one who claims to know it all is a bigger fool than the one who admits he doesn’t.-ยช 

I definitely believe this.  If you stop learning, you stop growing. 

I don’t believe you have to be in school to educate yourself.  

With the cost of a college education becoming so expensive during these tough times, along with there being more graduates but less jobs available, there seems more of a reason not to take the extra step than to do so.  

Being in debt (with student loans) is one thing, but being in debt with the chances getting a job to pay it off minimal is another animal entirely.  

So I can relate to people feeling like, “What’s the use of going?” 

I will take that on in another entry, though.

However, even after I got out of school, I didn’t want to stop learning about things.  

Sure, college will give you the building blocks for the profession you want to go in, but how many instances does one retain the knowledge just to pass the test or get through the finals?  Then, after the test and the finals, is the knowledge still there?  How many jobs really require you to use what you’ve learned?

I read.  I have always loved to read.  Even with the emergence of E-books, E-readers, and audio books, there’s just something about being able to hold an actual book in my hand.  I’m not saying I would mind having a Nook or a Kindle Fire (although more a Fire than a Nook), but there’s just something special about turning the pages and placing a special bookmark to hold the spot until it’s picked up again.

It could be a different form of Erotica (like 50 Shades of Grey) or fantasy/horror (The Sookie Stackhouse Series).  It could be poetry or biographical.  It could be about a different take on history, self-help, or a new recipe.  Either way, I open myself up to the possibility of gaining knowledge and perspective in something I did not before. 

Education doesn’t have to just come from books.  I’m just getting to learn some of the Internet acronyms.  There are some I still don’t know.  I feel like the acronyms are a language in itself and in some cases, it’s easier if the words are spelled out. 

Education can also come from interactions with other people.  There are some who are more knowledgeable on a subject than others.  I embrace the knowledge they have to offer.  Some people get too caught up, or get embarrassed if someone knows more than them.  They need to get over themselves.

If someone can show me a simpler, more effective way for me to do what I’m doing, especially if it involves saving money, I am going to be more than open. 

There are types of interactions I’ve had with people which have ended negatively.  Even in those times, there’s education.  I learn what I can endure and what I cannot.  I learn what mistakes I’ve made in judgment and grow.  Sometimes, tragedies can give you learning that triumph does not.  In fact, the tragedies teach you to cherish the triumphs more when they do come.


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