Friday, September 21, 2012

Practicing My T's: New Activity: When Snack Urge Strikes, Drink Water.

September 19th: New Activity: When Snack Urge Struck at the Job, Drink Water.

One thing which is hard for me is to eat regularly in a day.  

Like, I can eat something in the daytime and not have the urge to eat anything else until a few hours before bed.  

However, my nutritionist has recommended that I eat more often but with tiny portions, which I have tried to do.  

Usually, I try to bring enough snack food with me, since there have been times when I’ve forgotten to eat breakfast.  This time around, I forgot to, and I didn’t have quite enough money to buy a snack.

I read an article that the signal for hunger and the signal for thirst tend to be the same signal, so when I felt the urge to snack, I grabbed some water in the hopes that it would help.  Well, it didn’t help, but I did keep on drinking.

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