Friday, September 21, 2012

Practicing My T's-New Activity: Stocking instead of Ringing

September 20th: New Activity:  Opted to Stock at the 2nd gig instead of Register 

Usually on a weekday evening at the 2nd gig, especially since we’re entering the slow season, one cashier is scheduled.  

Therefore, I was shocked when the other person was scheduled until close.  

Normally, in that instance at night, I opt to stay on the register since usually, the other person is more skilled at bringing up stock.  

However, since it was pretty slow, the other person is still new, and I wanted to keep moving, I opted to do the stocking instead.  

First, it passed the time.  

Second, I was hoping some of the stretch would take the sting off the workout I did late Tuesday/early Wednesday morning.  

Third, it kept me from thinking about the unfortunate event concerning someone special.

And last, but certainly not least, it kept me from dealing with a particular manager there I am not the fondest of.  

So in the end, it all worked out.  My shift came to an end before I knew it.

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