Sunday, March 3, 2024

Spring On In


Hello, it's the Unleashed One. I hope everyone is doing well this March. For me, the first two months felt like a blur. True, the main culprit could be my grandmother's passing, but overall, it seemed as if I blinked and that period vanished.

It is great to see some sunshine and warm temperatures go hand-in-hand in my area. Lately, it would be "sunshine and cold temperatures", "warm temperatures and rain", or "sun and snow". Frankly, I am weary of the latter; I just want Spring to come in and get on with it.

I hope my latest nail theme will grant my wish and provide me with additional good luck.

At the start of the month, I embarked on what is known as a Hard Reset. That represents bringing back practices that worked while minimizing or eliminating those that did not. It also requires looking at all areas of my life and making executive decisions, from where I stay to items that I own. It also means leaving space for new things or activities that I want to try.

Yes, that does mean that I'll be making some donations. It will not be as much as when I was going through a dramatic weight loss. This is more about items that don't fit the style I want to embody more so than things getting too small, etc. 

I originally started this process in January but it got derailed (for obvious reasons). I did resume a couple of weeks after my grandmother's death, just working on small segments at a time. My first pickup is on the 8th, so whatever items I don't get to this time, I'll schedule a later appointment.

As far as more colors to incorporate, I'm leaning toward green (the darker tones, not the overly bright ... I don't think those would look right on me), purple, turquoise, and off-white neutral tones. I do have some jewelry with those colors, so I'll be able to use those pieces more often if I have some clothing to coordinate them with.

I am also doing a redesign of my room. This one doesn't work with the season I'm going into. It's not unusual for me to switch things up through the seasons, but this will be the first one where I'm moving practically all of my bedroom furniture. If it matches the vibe I envision in my head, then I'll be over the moon excited.

I'm ready to travel for all things related to relaxation. I want a vacation to feel like a vacation. Yes, staycations are cool, but I crave distance ... a detachment from my every day, however brief. I already used some vacation days for my family emergency, but luckily, most of that was rollover (hence, use or lose) and doesn't eat into what I earned for this year. I just have to decide where to go first and how to fund the said venture.

In addition, I'm ready to see action. Action from the texting folks that are within reasonable traveling distance, saying they want to see me. Yes, I understand that we are in a space where texting seems to rule the world. Yes, I understand there are instances where one cannot talk on the phone (like at one's job because it's like that for me too), so it's better to text.

However, if one has my number, and I've let my availability be known, the ball is in the other person's court on how to utilize the information. If one is texting me to death (even on days when I'm not working), but never moves the needle toward more phone conversations or a meet-and-greet, I start making adjustments based on behavior.

Also, the way my life is set up, I need advanced notice on ... well, everything. Spontaneity is only cute in romantic comedies.

Speaking of my life, it's time to waddle off and do other things.

Take care.

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