Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dear Mr. Postman (Concerns from a Postal Customer)

Dear Mr. Postman (or Postlady),
I know things have been tough for the post office.  There's more holiday cards and gifts going out, yet there may not be enough staff to handle the increased load.  I get that.  I definitely understand.
However, you cannot be in such a rush that you don't fully read the name and address to where your delivery is going.  I want to give you the benefit of the doubt and believe this is what happened.  Yet there are some that would venture to say that you just don't care about what happens.
This morning, I received a letter from my neighbor.  She said that it had been placed in her box, but she hadn't had a chance to catch up with me to deliver it.  I thanked her promptly.
I checked to see if it had been tampered with.  No sign of tampering or attempts to look at the contents.  Yet, it clearly stated my name and my address on the letter, and my last name is clearly placed on my mailbox, so I was still baffled as to why there was any confusion.
I opened the letter, and the content that was in the letter was something that affected my finances significantly.  I'm pleased I finally got the letter because the news was in my favor, but on the same token, what if the neighbor hadn't been honest and had decided to open it? I'm not sure how she would have reaped the benefits without proper ID to verify her identity, but still, your carelessness could have caused a lot of grief.
All I'm saying is take the extra time to double check.  Place yourself in the other person's position.  How would you feel if you were waiting on something of importance and someone else received it instead of you?  Or even worse, it got lost in the mail?  You'd be upset, too, and during times like these, there are some of us who may see you as Santa Claus, giving the gift of joy.
A Very Relieved (Yet Concerned) Postal Customer

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Reggie said...

Ya know......over the last year or so I've received one of my neighbors letters in the mail two or three times. I've only lived in Florida for less than 3 months and it's already happened here twice.

Reading is fundamental.

I saw somewhere online that The Post Office lost somewhere around 5 billion dollars this year......they lost more than that.