Thursday, December 12, 2013

Still here, just haven't been HERE

Greetings everyone!

I know it's been a while since I have been here.  It's not that I haven't wanted to; it is just there have been other things going on.  I guess to keep it simple (or to keep it all organized), I can divide it in this way:

1.  Life as an author
2.  Life as a reviewer
3.  Life as an editor

Life as an author 

For me, it isn't even the writing that is difficult, although at times, editing can get tedious.  It's all the steps after the writing is done that can be challenging.  The main thing is the marketing and having to constantly talk about your work on a consistent basis.  It's not that I don't like my work; it's just that I love the creation process more than the marketing process.  If I could, I'd let someone else do the marketing aspect, and I would just focus on the overall creating.  Plus, marketing takes me away from other things I enjoy, like doing my personal blogs.

Life as a reviewer (No Labels Unleashed)

The Review Board started off as being relatively small.  I knew that I liked to read, listen to music, and watch shows.  I also knew I enjoyed providing feedback. It started off with my just providing my thoughts on stuff I had on hand (not doing an open call for any submissions).  Then, after May, I decided to branch out a bit and take on someone else as people were starting to want feedback on stuff they had written.

Later on, I was invited to be a part of two other review groups.  One was called Y's Read and Review and another was to be a part of Chick Lit Pad.  One of the groups I did resign from (details here), and the other one eventually got merged to be a part of The Review Board.  Around the time of the merge, I did decide to open The Review Board to accept outside submissions.

Being a reviewer does have its ups and downs.  On the upside, you have people who are appreciative of the insight, and quite a few spread the word, which leads to more people submitting work.  On the downside, you have people who get upset if the review is less than favorable. One even resorted to personal attacks (for one particular event, details here).

One thing for sure:  The team has definitely been kept busy.  A site redesign for The Review Board is coming for next year.  I'm happy for the growth and the momentum.

Life as an editor

Back in October, I was presented with the opportunity to be editor-in-chief for an up and coming magazine called All Authors Magazine.  I really like the creative process associated with being behind the scenes.  In addition, I have a column entitled A Queen's Ramblings and am spearheading a section entitled Poets Unleashed.  I see great potential in this, and it has provided a lot of fun.

Well, that is all I've been up to.  Take care everyone!  Don't worry; I will be putting up a couple of more posts before the year is out.  Have a wonderful day.

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Reggie said...

I feel you, my thoughts have been elsewhere as well. I've been blogging somewhere for the last decade or so....but I don't see myself doing it in 2014.

I guess my priorities have day though, I just might feel the love again.