Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tough Choices

Greetings everyone!  How are things?  I hope all is going well with everyone.

I've been dealing with a lot of different things going on in the background.  Some of it has to do with my health--there's a couple of issues still ongoing.  The rest has to do with really taking stock of a few things and deciding what is luxury and what is necessity.

There are so many things we once thought of as being luxury items.

I remember when there were no cell phones.  Heck, I didn't get my first one until 2001.  To me, a cell phone was a luxury items.

Now, we, as a society look pretty lost if we don't have them. I can count on one hand how many people actually possess a home line, and even if they do, they have people call them on their cell phones.

I remember the days before cable was digital and high definition.  Now there's really no such thing as "basic cable".  Even the one with less channels seem to cost an arm and a leg.  Then, you get talked into bundling, being under a contract, getting penalized once you get out of the contract, etc.

The Internet used to be a luxury item.  Now it's the gateway to everything--from applying to jobs, to finding out information, to getting an education (online classes) and paying bills.

Then you have to think about certain responsibilities, particularly the ones you didn't sign up for.  

One particular instance occurred back in May 2011.  It was just when I was finding out about my grandfather passing away.  Sweetie and I (well it was more the Sweetie than me; I told him to make the decision; I was still grief stricken over my grandpa) decided to take care of a cat, and it was supposed to be on a temporary basis until they got settled in a place that allowed cats.  To read the background on it, I've put the reference link for a refresher:

Reference: I Don't Know About Him

By the time I wrote that post (back in December) I still had hope the original owners would come back for the cat.  That was one of the reasons why I tried to not bond too closely with him.  Plus, I had just lost my other two cats, which I'd raised since they were 6 months and 1 year, respectively.  I secretly think Ma-Maow was holding on to hope, too.

However, six months turned into a year.  Then a year into the present day.

Although I'm coming to terms that the original owners aren't coming back, I had to really sit down and make a definite decision.  With so many other things going on, especially with the cost of my supplies as well as my types of medicine on the rise, which is more important?  Is it more important to ensure Ma-Maow is in a permanent home where he can be well taken care of on a more consistent basis?  Or is it more important to keep word to the original owners to hold on to him?

After careful deliberation, I have decided on the former rather than the latter.  I can't guarantee, depending on what other medications the doctor decides to put me on, that I'll always have enough to see about properly controlling my condition and make sure he's maintained.  Before I could, but within the past couple of months, I'm discovering that I cannot anymore.

I've reached out to the Trenton Animal Shelter, who have graciously placed Ma Maow on the Petfinder website in the hopes that he will get adopted.

In addition, I've also created an ad on Craig's List.  I just want him placed in good hands.  I have a cat carrier and a dish, so one wouldn't have to buy those things again,  unless one absolutely wanted to.

I just ask if you or if you know of anyone who would be interested in having a cat, to spread the word and have them get in contact with me (through the Craig's List ad) or the Trenton Animal Shelter (via Petfinder)

Craig List Ad:

Trenton Animal Shelter--Petfinder

Thanks.  Enjoy the rest of your day!


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