Friday, October 14, 2011

I Don't Know About Him...


Okay, I admit.

I’m not sure how I feel about this one.

But let me back up because I’m sure some of you are wondering where this cat came from.

Shortly before my trip to MS in May, a former co-worker/friend that the Sweetie used to work with was in the process of moving. However, the place he and his girlfriend moved to did not allow pets of any kind. Both of them insisted this place is only going to be temporary until they find somewhere more permanent.

Well, they had this cat and wanted to know if we could keep an eye on him until they got a place that allowed pets. I had my reservations, since at the time, I already had Colby and Franklin and technically was only supposed to have one cat.

But in the end, since Sweetie was going to be the only one interacting with him for the next three weeks, I was like okay. I did warn him the adjustment period was going to be a bit rocky, since Colby and Franklin hadn’t had to deal with a third cat since 2008 and had gotten used to it being the two of them.

Well, Ma Maow and Franklin got along relatively well.

Ma Maow and Colby, well….that’s another story.

I think it was because they were too much alike. Some of Ma Maow’s ways are similar to Colby’s when Colby was younger—jumping around everywhere, playing with toys, things like that….

Colby started off trying to be a bully; at first Ma Maow was intimidated. But it didn’t take long for Ma Maow to hold his own. He would be so sneaky, though. He would wait until Colby wasn’t looking and then would pounce from behind.

Times when Colby would try and eat his food; Ma Maow would return the favor.

After correcting both for their bad behaviors, they eventually got adjusted to each other.

Now Colby and Franklin are gone; Ma Maow is all that is left. We were able to get him to the vet in time to kill the toxic items that had caused Colby and Franklin’s demise.

I admit; I’m not sure how I feel about the cat…mainly because I focused on not getting too attached to him. In my mind, his old owners are going to come back for him. In my mind, he’s not my cat.

However, the cat is doing things now he never did when the other cats were around.

Before, he never wanted to jump or lay on the bed; now he wants to lay on the bed. Now he is open to being petted, things of that nature.

I’m still trying to get used to the other cats being gone, so I find it strange for him to dwell where they used to. Funny, I feel like telling him, “Get out of that space and back to the banister where you belong!”

To be fair, it’s not Ma Maow’s fault. All he knows is that they are gone, and he’s adjusting to having the spot to himself.

He doesn’t know I don’t consider myself his human nor was I ever taking steps to be his human.

Maybe Ma Maow will grow on me.

I’m just trying to keep my word to his original owners, and for now that is where I will leave it.

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Reggie said...

I hate cats.

I've often thought that there are far too many hungry Koreans to be so many stray cats....and dogs for that matter.

But my wife loves cats, so we have two. The first one is a little multicolored female named Maggie (Magnolia actually) that was abused by her last owner and the other one is a big white cat named Larry. They'd both grown on me........but I still hate cats.

They must know it because they usually stay away from me.