Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Poetic Memorial: To Colby & Franklin

Colby Cheddar
Delightful orange and white
I will never forget the moment
You came into my life
With your big, light eyes
And your outstretched paw
Determined to come with me
Once and for all
I remember fondly
All the weird things you ate-
French fries, peanuts, honey mustard
Even raw pumpkin was great
Never a box you didn’t like
Or a visitor you feared
Always bold enough to sniff around
Wondering why he was here
A big fan of cabinets
And the fridge to chill
But one of your favorite spots
Was sitting on the window sill
And laying next to me on the bed
With Franklin by your side
Or finding refuge under the bed
When you needed to hide
No matter how much you scratched the bed
And even redecorated the wood
It was hard for me to stay mad at you
When you were up to no good
I just want you to know I love you
And you can never be replaced
I hope there’s plenty of food and cat nip
At your final resting place.

© October 2011

Franklin Alexander
Gray with a few stripes
And one ear
That wasn’t quite right
Beautiful green eyes
That drew me near
Nuzzles and hugs telling me
I want to be here
Proceeding with caution
At someplace new
Then getting adjusted
Once you found your groove
Colby’s taste in food
You didn’t seem to adopt
You dealt with the familiar
And ran from what was not
Colby served as the welcome wagon
When someone knew arrived
But no one knew you were around
Because you were the first to hide.
Colby wasn’t the mushy type
But that certainly wasn’t you
You loved being petted and held
Even more that water and food
And you would become upset
Any time I had to cease
And would meow your protest
Until I again swept you off your feet
You were my Gray Comfort
Until you exhaled the last bit of air
The amount of hugs and kisses I gave
I pray you find up there.

© October 2011

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Reggie said...

Somewhere there is a hungry Korean looking at these pictures salivating.