Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Curve Appeal

I am drawn to concept, especially if it caters to something I can relate to.

When I heard about this a show being dedicated to the fuller figured woman as well as fashions which cater to full figured women, this definitely seemed like a must win.

So I set my DVR to record House of Curves on Thursday nights.  The reason I have to set my DVR is because it is in competition with my tuning into Impact Wrestling.  It wasn’t much of a problem when Impact came on at 8pm, but after May, Impact decided to go back to its’ old time of 9pm.  Since House of Curves comes on at 10pm, I may not always feel like staying up to catch it once Impact has gone off.

Usually it ends up being a few days later before I tune in to the episodes I’ve recorded.  Quite a few things really stood out to me the more I watched the show.

      1.       Kenyatta, the CEO of House of Curves, can be assertive in business but not so much in her personal life. 

I feel like she has to set boundaries in how she interacts with her mother.  When it comes to things going on with the business, she exhibits a bit of passive-aggressive behavior.  Although she recognizes that her mom is the investor in the business, she will sometimes do things with the business money and not notify her mom she’s doing it.  

For example, going out to get her nails done.  When her mother found out about it, she tried to justify it as a business expense because it goes towards “maintaining Bella Rene image”.  However, Mama didn't see it that way.  

Also, she told Kendra to proceed with changes to the website, but didn't notify her Mama about the changes.  She has to definitely find the right balance—have that heart to heart talk with Mama.  Kenyatta has to respect her Mama’s contribution but she also has to let her Mama knows her limitation as far as how involved to get in the decision making.

In addition, she really has to decide what direction she is going in with her boyfriend, Phil.  She is still dealing with being able to trust him since Phil cheated on her a while back.  Phil isn't exactly helping his cause either when he gets caught with being entertained by the stripper.  Was he really just networking?  Was he taking a break from networking?  

Either way, since he feels he has to be in that type of environment, Kenyatta will never get the type of comfort she wants.  She knew that Phil wasn't a 9-5 guy from the moment she met him, so she has to make the ultimate choice what she is truly willing to put up with and what she won’t.  Plus it didn’t help that it took almost until the end of the season for Kenyatta to confess to her family that she was back with Phil.

      2.       Kendra may be the tops in Creative Design but is on the bottom when it comes to tact.

I’m not saying Kendra cannot be outspoken.  In fact, it is one of the things I admire about her.  Plus, it’s cool to learn she is from my home state, Mississippi (along with Kenyatta and Sherylnda).  I actually prefer her outspokenness over Sherlynda’s silence (more on that in a moment).  

However, there are certain moments when she could have used a lot more tact, particularly when they were picking out models to be a part of Bella Rene.  She was making comments—from the natural hair of one to the age of another.  She was just being a bit over the top with it. 

It’s Kendra’s attitude that may give her a boot out of the door.  It doesn’t help that Kelli is in the mix nor her unwillingness to truly work with Kelli.  Although I agree with Kendra’s assessment (“What’s this skinny mini doing working along with us?”), Kelli knows her stuff when it comes to public relations, and in the end, what is best for business comes first.

      3.       Sherlynda knows her stuff but how will any of us knows unless she opens her mouth?

I get that she doesn’t want to rock the boat.  She doesn’t want to get on Kenyatta’s bad side.

However, there are moments when Sherlynda knows best and Kendra just needs to stay in her lane.  Sherlynda is a student of her craft, but I feel sometimes Kendra makes her feel less than.  That just isn’t cute to me.  

Sherlynda needs to speak her mind more.  I hope that Kenyatta recently promoting her will give her that extra push to really let her talents shine.  I don’t necessarily think she needs that old title of Creative Director back.  I think Design Director can have just as much, if not more, clout than being a Creative Director.

via The Southerner Swag
4.  I think Milan is quite pretty.  To me, she is wonderful for the runway.  

For some reason, however, she seems quite resistant to it.  She even questions why she's there half the time, wishing she would have gone into another profession instead.  I admit--she leaves me a little confused.  Perhaps if there's a second season, Milan will blossom a bit more.

Things I am curious about:

I know there is an emphasis on the models being tall.  Is there no place for a woman under 5’10”?  I’m considered a bit on the voluptuous side but I’m only about 5’6”.  I know short isn't the standard, but it would be refreshing to see how things look on a full-figured (or voluptuous medium to short frame).

In addition, I noticed there’s more emphasis on expansive hips, thighs, and ass.  What about the woman who doesn't have that expanse?  What about the fuller breasted woman?  Most of the women featured in the show don’t have a whole lot to really work with on the top but quite a bit on the bottom.  I’m not saying that’s bad; I just want to see a better representation.  I know I can’t be the only one with a couple higher than a double or triple D. (looking around)

Just something for them to think about if House of Curves does a second season.


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