Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas: Eve, Day, and Beyond


Looking around, shaking off the cobwebs….

How’s everyone doing?

Yes, I've been around here and there, just not full throttle.  I was actually taking time toenjoy some of the time off. 

Time off that I actually did request, not just because I had things to take care of (although I did have to get my car checked on Wednesday morning) but because I simply wanted to be off and just didn't want to come in to work. 

True, there are certain holidays which hold a bit more importance for me than others—like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and 4th of July, simply it’s because that’s when I have the fondest memories of being around family.  

Others, like New Year’s, I don’t really care as much about whether I’m working or not.

So how did my Christmas holiday (24-26)go?

Christmas Eve, I did go in to the day job, but they closed there at 2.  

I thought I would get called in from the other job, and was happy I didn't.  

I squeezed in a workout because the gym was closing at 9, and got a chance to go to Olive Garden with the Sweetie, since I hadn't been to Olive Garden in months.  I indulged in a Peach Bellini, which I haven’t had in years and was very glad I didn't have to work on Christmas.

Well, I got a lot of cards from the day job.  I received well wishes via FB, E-mail and text from others.  I talked a long while with Grandma and was happy my Christmas card got there on time.

I received chocolates and a Bath and Body Works gift basket from one of my bosses at the day job.  It’s a scent I had never tried before—Jasmine Cherry Blossom (or something like that); it isn't too bad.  I didn't break it in yet; I just sniffed it. 

I've been enjoying the gift box that Ms Good Karma 101 sent me.  So far, I've worn three of the earrings and have officially broken in the black bracelet.  I did wear the bandana with the butterflies on it.  I've only tried one of the products, thus far, which I will do a review on in the near future.

Overall, I was just happy to be around for another year.  

I didn't expect any gifts from the Sweetie.  Times got tough for him a little after my birthday.  Plus, he had gone all out for my birthday.  He did feel bad, but I told him not to.  I was glad to spend some time with the Sweetie for most of the day. 

I was hoping the local movie theater was open, simply because for the first time, there was a movie I actually wanted to see on Christmas.  True, it’s about a slave turned bounty hunter trying to get his back his wife, but themes of action and vigilante justice are right up my alley.

Anticipation got drenched when I discovered that just because AMC stays open all year round didn’t necessarily mean the local theaters do (sad face).  

Sure, I could have gone to AMC but why pay over 10.00 to see a movie when you could go to the local one and spend 5?  I wanted to see the movie but not bad enough to pay out more than 10. 

Once I got back, I did cook up some dinner.  Not the typical big Christmas dinner, like I did around Thanksgiving with the turkey and what not.  I decided to marinade some chicken (lemon garlic blended with liquid smoke) for a few hours and bake it.  I had some green beans, carrots, and shells and cheese to go along with it.  

I have been opting for skinless chicken a bit more, even though I do admit I love the taste of the skin (knowing it contains the most fat), but I am finding if I season the chicken right, then I can learn to like it.  The marinade really gave the chicken a lot of kick; I was quite impressed, for I normally don’t eat dark meat without the skin.

Since I didn't take Christmas Eve off, I opted to take the day after Christmas off from the day job.  I wanted to check up on my car, since it did need an old change and there were noises coming from the front driver’s side of the car each time I pressed on the brake.  I brought the car there first thing in the morning (like around 8).  I almost felt like I was at the doctor’s office because I didn't get out of there until like 1:30.  I understood there were 2 cars in front of me, but some of those cars got out of there before my car did.  

I just wish they would give more of an update as to what’s going on.  Like the guy came out a little after 9:00 and said the problem wasn't with my brakes but I didn't get word on an estimate or the other possible problem until a little after 11.  Then, once I decided what I could afford to get fully fixed, then they said they would be done in an hour, but that hour turned into over two hours.  I am usually very patient but it was a bit aggravating to say the least. 

I napped for a couple of hours, and then bundled up to go into the very windy and rainy weather to get to the 2nd job.  To my surprise, the other person there was scheduled for closing instead of six.  It was nice to not have to deal with the lottery but after 7 pm  it wasn't really that busy in our part of the Travel Plaza, so I kept myself busy with stocking.  

Usually, during the weekday, our part closes at around 10:00, but then it got to about 10:20 and we still hadn’t got the word to close, so I inquired as to when we would close, and then I got told between 10:30-11:00.  

So I reported the news, and the other girl started flipping out because she’s spoiled and had gotten used to being out of there no later than 10:15, so around 10:30 she called downstairs and demanded that she leave because her ride was out there.  I guess they went ahead and pulled her because they didn't want to deal with her aggravation.

Okay, just some food for thought...

How many places can you throw a massive temper tantrum at management and still keep your job?  

Apparently, that tolerance is either growing or I’m working at a spot detached from reality.  Heck, maybe a little bit of both.


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Reggie said...

I saw Django Unchained this afternoon, it is an excellent film. Oh it's a tad too violent, but all in all it's a good film. I enjoyed it. I thought Foxx, Jackson and DiCaprio did very good work in it.