Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fitness Improv

There must be some sort of correlation between getting older and parts of the body being in discomfort and or/pain when the weather changes.  The commotion of Sandy and the onslaught of the cold weather has caused a bit of aches and pains. 

With the coming of the bad weather, I did attempt to improvise via Xbox, since I do have a Kinect now, but my body was being overly fussy, like I didn't want to do the exercises at home that I’d normally do in the gym.  

No matter how much my head was trying to motivate, it was like my heart and body wasn't in it.

So after that, I decided to try and find other ways to stay in motion, although wasn't considered a traditional way of working out.

I decided to put my focus on cleaning.

This past Sunday, I focused on cleaning the kitchen and rearranging some items.  I didn't attempt to go to the gym on Sunday. 

It was only when I attempted to go on Wednesday that I discovered the power was out.  Unfortunately, my body still wasn't feeling the whole Xbox workout.

So I decided to work on cleaning the bathroom and arranging things in there.  I didn't get as far as I wanted, but I did get 50% completed.  That, in itself, was an achievement.

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Reggie said...

I usually slow down on the exercise when the cold air comes. I did get to walk around The city for a couple of hours, but I usually walk a lot more than I did. Sandy and the cold conspired to work against me. There is something about the cold that tells me I should be sitting on a couch watching football.