Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Miss-ing

Feeling some kind of way today...

Although there has been a little bit of progress, there's no set time when NJ Transit train service will start back up again.  Tomorrow will make a whole week since SOS's travel to NY.

So this will just be me, missing someone special, and the top 25 which came to mind...

1.       I miss the times when you would try not to smile but I said something so funny, you had to anyway.

2.       I miss when you would meet me at the door after a long day of work.

3.       I miss the moments when you would have a hot bath ready to go, even on days when I didn't mention I needed one.

4.       I miss just being able to hold your hand.

5.       I miss the warmth of you holding me, especially at night.  Sure I have an electric heater.  Sure I can pile on extra clothes or sheets, but it just isn't the same.

6.       I miss seeing your face as you tell me you love me.

7.       I miss the joint showers and your wishing the tub was big enough for two.

8.       I miss the time and attention you give whenever you help me wash my locs.

9.       I miss your reassurance that things will be all right when it appears I’m over worrying.

10.   I miss your hugs.

11.   I miss your holding me, not just through the good times but during the times when I just need to have a massive cry.

12.   I miss your silly moments.

13.   I miss your physical strength, for my attempt to move the now non-functioning TV was pretty laughable.

14.   I miss your massages.

15.   I miss the weird exchanges between you and the cat.

16.   I miss your kisses.

17.   I miss our TV times.

18.   I miss laying in your arms.

19.   I miss your willingness to try out new things, even if it’s something you would probably never try again.

20.   I miss all the forms of intimacy.

21.   I miss your random trips to the corner store and bringing me something back, even when I didn’t ask for it.

22.   I miss your eyes.

23.   I miss the rare moments when you’d sing to me.

24.   I miss when you’d write to me.

25.   I just miss you.

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Reggie said...

Clearly I picked the wrong weekend to visit New Jersey. I flew into Newark last Thursday and even though I was supposed to leave Monday, I had to drive to Philly just to get back home. I stayed in Somerset and for two of those days there was no electricity.

At least I did make it to Peter Luger's on Saturday, but the rest of my time there was pretty much a wash. Jersey was a wreck when I left it. Hopefully things will be put back together as quickly as possible.