Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Mysterious Disappearance (Medical Update)

The Mysterious Disappearance 

I know it’s been a while since I’ve put up a Medical Update.  I’ve been pretty busy making sure the other things I wanted to write about have been completed. 

For the most part, they have. 

The Practicing My T’s series, although I’m mainly doing it for September (since it’s my birthday month), is almost coming to a close.  Not saying I won’t keep trying new things or incorporating new activities.  You just won’t be getting a daily update on it.  Perhaps after September, when I try new things or activities, I will do a weekly or monthly journaling.

I just recently completed my Soul Scribes related to September (or as I should say the letters which spell out the month). 

The Fit On Trackers will be ongoing, simply because it’s my ongoing health journal.  I deem it health journal, rather than weight loss journal, because overall, I want to be a healthier person.  

However, my old doctor’s (Dr. B.'s) vision of healthier is tied into my weight being a certain number (that weight I should be according to BMI, which seems unrealistic to me); I don’t necessarily agree.  

I no longer have the expectation to be the size I was back in high school.  

I do think the nutritionist’s goal for me is the more realistic for me to obtain, so that is the goal I am currently aiming for.  Once I get there, then I can set another goal to go beyond that.  

If I happen to make it to the old doctor’s recommendation fine, but if not, it’s all about my feeling better, no matter what size I am.

Yes, I recently set up a journal on Word Press for those who do not frequent Blogger that often.  Although a lot of the writings may be the same as the ones on Blogger, there will be some slight differentiating. 

However, the ones who have been with me since day one are used to my presence on Blogger, so I don’t see myself shutting down that interface any time soon.  Plus, that is where I've been doing a lot of my writings, particularly as it pertains to my medical situation.  

Therefore, I will link to the old writings, for those who may need a refresher.  

If I decide to put this entry on Word Press, I may just do a summary and then tell the story, since I haven’t yet got all of my imported entries categorized.

Now, let's get down to it....for those of you who need a recap, click on the following links:

As far as my medical situation:

Charity Care has refused to appeal their decision, even when I presented them evidence that my expenses, once subtracted from my income, rendered me unable to provide payment to where I could cover my medical bills on my own.  One of the "counselors" with went as far as to say, “It’s not our fault how much your unemployment paid out or that the job(s) you were working then didn’t cut it.”  

So definitely no Charity there.

Without my getting approval for the Charity Care, any testing the doctor recommends that I have to go out of office for, I have to pay out of my own pocket. 

I was able to find a place that offers a discount if you are paying out of pocket (no insurance); however, the cost for the ultrasound needed is $300.  

Unfortunately, even with the discount, it was still a challenge to save back that type of money.

By the time I had gotten the money together, the car had to get some much needed repairs.  The check engine light that popped on reflected not a problem with my engine but the need for a new gas cap and oxygen sensor. 

So the money for the ultrasound flew right out the window.  

Now, I have to focus on building that back.

In addition, there was blood work that the gynecologist wanted done as well.  However, I hadn’t checked on the price of it.  I figured I would get it checked out once it was time to come in for blood work associated with my current ailment. 

Since I thought my old doctor (she stopped being my doctor back in July) had ordered blood work associated with other stuff, I walked in to the lab.  The person looked in my records and told me that my old doctor didn’t order any lab work to be done on me prior to my 3 month check up, but the order for the blood work my gynecologist ordered was still in there.

I inquired as to how much the blood work was going to be, thinking if I can’t get one test out of the way, at least I could do the other one.  I was told it would be $200, since the type of blood work the gynecologist suggested was pretty extensive.

So I have to come up with $500 to research the cause of the excessive bleeding. 

As it pertains to the excessive bleeding, an interesting update on that. 

After being seen by the gynecologist in June (and these tests I can’t pay for got ordered), the only thing I was given was ibuprofen and iron to try and deal with the discomfort.  I bled excessively for that month, the majority of July, most of August.

Then, this month arrived, and a little over a week before my birthday, my cycle started.  

However, something was a bit different about this one.  It seemed as if it was going to be a normal one.  No congealing; heavy but not excessive, but I kept track and bought extra “stoppage” just in case.

The normal stopping day of my visitor is 6 days.

On the sixth day, which was the day just before my birthday, it went poof.  I was cautiously happy.  I say “cautiously” because it had exhibited this same behavior in August just for the madness to resume only a week later.

It’s almost the end of the month and so far, no madness. 

Does this mean I’m going to stop trying to get together the money?  No, because if it occurs again, I want to know what is causing it.  I don’t want to make the assumption that my body straightened itself out on its’ own, although it very well could be the case. 

I have an appointment for my ongoing ailment tomorrow afternoon; it was originally supposed to be for this afternoon but it got rescheduled.  I don’t know how I feel about the new doctor yet.  I got a chance to see him during the time I got very sick with the throat infection, but he has yet to treat me on my ailment management as of yet.

We will see what happens.  Keep you updated.


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