Thursday, June 14, 2012

Medical Roller Coaster

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I’m not a big fan of roller coasters.  I like seeing other people have fun on them, but they just aren’t for me.  Tease me for being a big softy.  Give me a Ferris Wheel or Bumper Cars anytime.

I’m not a big fan of emotional and mental roller coasters, either.  Sure they first start as a workout but once they do more harm than good, you just want them to stop already.

Same thing goes for health.

The last time I spoke of my medical insurance premiums reimbursement was back in April.  It took until just last week for me to finally get the money I was due back.  It was sad that it took my going to them and speaking of “taking further action” for them to get the check in the mail.  I feel like it shouldn’t have taken that long for the issue to get resolved; you were quick to take my money but slow to give it back.

In addition, although I am happy that certain levels seem to be getting under control, I do have questions that I want answered.  I sometimes feel the doctor is dealing with so many patients she doesn’t have time to address the things I need to have addressed.  However, they are important—even if I don’t want my medications adjusted, depending on what she says to these questions I have, they may have to be.

Plus, there’s this ongoing mystery regarding my cycle.

In an earlier update, back in September, I mentioned there were issues regarding my cycle being highly irregular.  At the time, I went to a gynecologist, and she mentioned that my wall wasn’t properly shedding and she gave me medication for it.  In October, I had a normal cycle, but didn’t have another one.  When I went back to her, she prescribed a second round of the medication.  A couple of false starts in February (like would go for two days and then just stop), but no period.

Then last month, May 6th, out of the blue, it started.  It went its’ normal six days.  I believed whatever issue I was having just decided to fix itself.

Then, May 20th, I’m bleeding again.  I checked the next day and the bleeding’s gone.   

May 23rd, I’m bleeding once more.  It doesn’t make sense to me, since I just had a regular period a little over two weeks ago.  I want to go back to the gynecologist, but she doesn’t offer sliding scale.  Plus, I found out my insurance wasn’t covering all of the gynecologist visits.

To this date, I haven’t stopped.  I have a regular doctor’s visit tomorrow; perhaps she can refer me to someone who can do a sliding scale.

Fast forward....

I did get referred to a gynecologist because they finally got some reliable ones over at the clinic.  She wants to do additional blood work and another ultrasound before proceeding.  However, she says the procedures may have to be done at a hospital and to try to apply for Charity Care to see if it can be covered, since I no longer have insurance. 

I stop by there to apply, and they are focused on why the insurance didn't fully pay for the hospital visit from last year (2011).  That I do not know, and I don’t really care about that. 

I’m focused if they can help me with my current procedures. 

However, they are focused on last year, so they are asking for statements from two years ago and what not.  

I find this whole thing aggravating, but I go ahead and give them the information they need. 

Then, I get told it will take three weeks to a month to get word.

However, this malfunction of my cycle still continues, and my body is becoming weaker.  These procedures cannot wait, and on top of that, there’s no guarantee I will get the approval.

I don’t understand why the system has to make things so hard.  You have to be super dirt poor in order for them to take care of anything, and if I was as poor as I needed to be to get any type of outside help, I wouldn’t be able to have a roof over my head.  

When these people are looking at gross income, they aren't taking into account taxes (since I’m single with no kids, I’m in one of the higher brackets), rent, car insurance, utilities, medications…none of that.  They are just looking at a figure and if it’s above, then they have the right to reject you.  

I feel like they should look at the whole picture.  If I was living with a relative or staying someone rent free, then sure I’d have money to spare, but I do not.

It upsets me when I get told, “Well, you should have had some kids.”  

Yes, I understand when a woman has kids, she can get a lot of the help she needs, despite income levels.  However, I feel like the system is penalizing me for not having children.

I’m sure there are single women out there who have no kids that have lost their jobs and have needed some type of help.  I can’t be the only one.  

I don’t want to breed babies just to get help from the system.  If I have a child, it will be because I wanted the child, and I want to do the best I can as much as I can without additional help.  I know there are some women out there who have lots of babies to get that type of help from the system…I’m not one of them.

I just have to find another way and not give up.  However, this is just one of those days where you want to just growl in aggravation because trying to get healthy and fix yourself when you are unhealthy should not have to be this hard in this country.

I would rather pay more money in taxes if it means that I get health care that would truly cover me.  All of the countries where someone can go get treated and not worry about being broke for doing so definitely have the right idea.  

The United States has so much, yet treats their people when their sick like they are so little, and it breaks my heart.  My grandma, every day, has to choose between getting all the medication she needs (cause Medicare only takes care of so much) or making sure there’s enough food; it shouldn’t be this way.

I will keep you posted on this continual ride.


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