Thursday, September 27, 2012

Practicing My T's: New Food--Chips with Malt Vinegar and Sea Salt

September 26th:  Malt Vinegar and Sea Salt Chips

I am not sure if I am in the minority or the majority with this one.

I, for the most part, wait until after I have purchased a product before I start indulging in its' goodness.

However, at the second gig, at times, I have seen either the customer or the customer's friend, family member, etc., starting drinking or eating the merchandise before it is paid for.

In most cases, no harm, no foul; the person has the money for it.

This case was a little different.

The guy opened the chips (the ones pictured) and started eating them.

Then, he walked over, looked at the drinking options. He was a bit upset because we didn't have Snapple or Vitamin Water, but the reason we don't carry those things (or a lot of things) because there's a Sunoco/store literally one to two minutes away which has the rest (at a more affordable price).

So he walks up to the register; I ring up the half eaten bag of chips, and he only has $1.  Now if it was, let's say a few cents off, I would have let it go.  If he had been a more pleasant customer (and if I had the extra change in my pocket), perhaps I would have done a good deed for the day and let it go.

"I'm sorry; I only have a dollar--will you let it go this time?"

"Dude, you are short by a dollar.  If it was a couple of cents, I would have done it; this instance, I really can't."

"I've already eaten some of the chips..."

"Well, you shouldn't have been eating chips you can't pay for.  The price is clearly posted underneath the chips." (which is it--black background, loud white writing)

So he gets upset, flings the bag of chips at me, causing some to fly on my person and the counter, and storms away in a huff.

As I was cleaning up the mess, I figured I would sample the bits that landed on my work clothing.

The vinegar, and I'm not sure if it was because it was malt vinegar, was so overpowering (ugh).  You couldn't really taste the salt; it was as if you were eating vinegar.

Perhaps it was the brand.

Either way, I don't see myself trying this again, either by accident or on purpose, any time soon.

P.S (1):  I did ask management if we had any policy in place prohibiting the customer from using a product until it is paid for.  I have yet to get a clear cut answer.  I guess if it happens often enough to the point where they start losing money if customers can't pay for it, then this rule will get put into play.

P.S. (2): They did bring back an old rule regarding the customer and receipts.  If the customer doesn't get the receipt, then their purchase is free.  However, what does one do when the customer refuses the receipt or wants it thrown away?  Do they still get the stuff for free?  It would be different if the majority of the sales came from novelty items (keychains, shirts, phone chargers, etc.) or situations where the customer may have an issue and try to return the product.  But usually people come in for a snack or drink, something they are going to consume within the next ten minutes anyway.  I just question how necessary was the bring back for this rule.

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