Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fitness Detox 2: The Proper Cardio Combo

Fitness Detox 2:  The Proper Cardio Combination

Just recently, I did an experiment, which I referenced briefly in Progress Report 15.  It was concerning the combination of the elliptical and the arc trainer as well as my ability to perform on the treadmill after both of the workouts.  

I found that I was not.  

Plus, I am experiencing quite a bit of ache in the knee and leg area, even more so than normal.

Perhaps that combination was not such a good idea, yet I know both machines have importance.  

Some argue that the Arc Trainer burns more calories than the Elliptical.  Yet, a lot of people have an easier time exercising on the Elliptical, due to comfort and being able to control the impact on the knees.

I am finding that to be the case as well. 

Once I started utilizing the Elliptical more often, I am happy at the pace and control I can exert while being on it.  On my tries with the Arc Trainer, even when it’s at the lowest setting, I find it difficult to maintain my posture and my legs feel more of a strain.

For me, it’s not just about the amount of calories I can burn.  I also want to be able to do the exercises properly without injury.  Therefore, if it means my working out on a machine which burns less calories to ensure that, then it’s definitely the route for me.

For now, my strategy is to focus more on increased endurance on the Elliptical.  As of this writing, I am at nine minutes without the cool down. 

I still like working out on the treadmill machine.  On my last setting, I did deviate from Quick Start and try some of the pre-set ones to test out my endurance thus far.  I was able to do eleven minutes on one of the pre-set ones, which is better progress than when I first started.

I also want to incorporate the Bike more as well.  On my last setting, I was able to be on the Bike for 13 minutes without the cool down. 

Since I did receive a Xbox Kinect and some exercise games for my birthday, I have been checking out the programs on there, particularly the Zumba.  Even on days when I don’t get a chance to go to the gym (due to the other job, muscles needing a break from strength training, etc.), I can work on my cardio that way. 

The key is the proper mix.  I am trying to strategize which is best, but for now, the Arc Trainer isn’t a big part of the equation.

Will update either way.


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Reggie said...

Funny when I am on a treadmill, I tend to ignore the person or persons next to me.