Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fit On Tracker: Progress Report 15

Workout Date:  Saturday, September 15th
Time: 10:15-11:45am

Warm Up: Leg Raises

Target Areas:

Machine Used-Fly: I implemented the experiment.  I decreased my set of 30lb and increased my set of 50 pounds.  So far, so good…I did 1@30 and 2@50.  

Machine Used-Seated Row:  I did 1@40 and 2@55.  I will fully implement the 3@55 for next setting.

Machine Used-Overhead Press (different machine-10lb increments):  I did implement the change I suggested in Fitness Entry 12.  I did 1@20 and 2@30.  There is significant strain as I attempt to do the last set on 30lbs.  I will not let that deter me; I will keep trying. 

Machine Used-Arm Curl (bar):  I performed 2@40 and 1@50.  On the 10lb. Increments, this is a nice balance, for it graduates me out of the 30lb.  However, for the machines that don’t have this breakdown, I will have to deal with doing 2 sets at 50.

Machine Used-Arm Extension: I did increase my 50lb set to two and decrease the 40lb set to one

I opted to do three exercises: the Leg Press, the Leg Curl, and the Hip Abductor.

Hip Abductor:  I did 3 sets of 12: 1@90, 1@110, and 1@130.  I may play with phasing out the 90lb. In about a week or so.

Leg Curl:  I did 3 sets of 12: 1@50, 2@70.  I will keep it on this setting for the time being since I am feeling some level of resistance on the 70.  High probability of phasing out the 50 and just making it 3 sets at 70 until I test out how I do on the 90 lb. Weights.

Leg Press:  I am staying put on the 1@70, 1@90, and 1@110

Ab Crunch (levers): I did 1@40, 1@50, and then I challenged myself by performing 1@60.  I am finding I can do the crunches better on this machine than the upright and the reclining.  Still, I don’t want to phase those other two machines out, for I want to build up some level of endurance.
Additional Machines:
Torso Rotation: I was finally brave enough to do the experiment.  I did 2 sets of 70 and 4 sets of 90.  Instead of doing all of one side before doing all of the other side, I alternated.  I did the left side, then immediately did the right side.  I ran into a bit of trouble on the last set of 90 but managed to power my way through it.

Ab Coaster: 3 sets (15 reps) with 25lbs. Resistance.  I did actual take the initiative and added some weights on.

Cardio/Cool Down:
Experiment 1: Can I do the Arc Trainer and Elliptical in the same setting?

Experiment 2: Can I do the Arc Trainer and Elliptical in the same setting and still have energy to do the treadmill?

Answer to the first question:  Yes.

Answer to the second question:  Hell to the No.

Elliptical:  I am now at 9 minutes on this machine.  I am feeling very proud of myself when a few weeks before, I was feeling quite discouraged.  Adding in the two minutes for cool down, brings it to a total of 11 minutes.

Arc Trainer:  It has been a while since I have been on this machine, but I did increase my time from 5.5 minutes to 6.15 minutes.

Treadmill:  Was not happening.  My legs were definitely feeling the burn and all I was seeking was either a hot shower or the Hydromassage Bed.  I opted for the latter.

I will go into more detail concerning my conclusions based on this latest experiment.


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