Monday, September 17, 2012

Fit On Tracker: Progress Report 14 (mini workout)

Date: September 12, 2012
Time: 3:45-4:25 pm
Yes, I was supposed to be somewhat relaxing, but exercise has come to be relaxing for me. I did discover there was a fitness center of sorts within the confines of my brief vacation spot.
First, the equipment was very outdated. It was the same type of equipment than at the gym--some of them the very same machines I tend to work out on. Some of the machines included:
1. Bike
2. Elliptical

3. Treadmill
4. Triceps Press
5. Row/Rear Deltoid
6. Fly

7. Chest Press
8. Leg Press
9. Torso Rotation
10. Adjustable Pulley
The ones not in bold I didn't work out on.
Normally, I would go for a couple of hours doing a full body workout. This time around, since a special someone had some plans for me, I did cut the time down and only did about forty minutes.
I worked out for about 8.5 minutes on the Elliptical machine--adding the 2 minutes of cooldown, it total 10.5 minutes.
I worked out on the triceps press. I'm not sure whether it was due to the settings on the machine, but I wasn't able to do my 1 set at 110 pounds. So I just settled on 1@70 and 2@90.
On the row/rear deltoid, I did 2@30 and 1@50.
On the Fly exercise, I did all three sets at 30. I figured I would wait until back at the gym to do my other setting. I originally was going to do the Chest Press, but someone else was on the machine.
To put things to a close, I worked out for about six minutes on the Bike. I noticed people started to come in, and the fitness center isn't nearly as big as the gym, so to be respectful (and to keep word to S.O.S that I wouldn't be in there all day), I decided to wrap up my workout.

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