Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quirk Zone

Quirk (kwerk) noun:  1. A peculiar behavioral habit.  2.  A strange chance occurrence.

I am going to focus on the first one.  

When folks think of words to describe me, I don’t think quirky automatically comes to mind, but I know I do have some quirks about me.  Perhaps some may not even think of these as quirks…however, I will let the reader be the judge.

These aren’t in any particular order, just some I have noticed about myself.

1.       I set the clocks at my residence ten minutes fast.  My mind is tricked into thinking it is the actual time so I will go ahead and get up.  The only devices set to actual time are my watch, the cell phone and the computer.

2.       When I have both glasses and contacts, I prefer to wear my glasses at the house or with anything work related but contacts when I am going out places.  I even prefer contacts when I’m getting pictures taken.

3.       I do not drink from the container, even if there is only a little bit left.  I have to transfer it to a cup or a glass; then I throw out the original container.

4.  If a weird speck or object happens to land in the water while I’m bathing, I have to find something to scoop it out before resuming.  If I am unable to, I drain the water and refill it with fresh water.

5.  If I sense I’m going to be in the bathroom for a while, I bring in some reading material to pass the time.

6. If I have no interesting music to play in my car, I will make up a song and melody and just sing it out loud.  I will bob my head to the beat and everything.  I do get lots of interesting looks, particularly in traffic.

7. I try to have three copies of my writings—one on my laptop, one on my external drive (in case my laptop crashes) and one in print/scribe.

8. I am very particular when it comes to journals I write in: a.  If the paper is lined, it must be lightly lined, college ruled to the point where I can barely see the line—otherwise, must be unlined.  b. Paper has to have a certain feel to it.  c. Outside design must be something I can relate to or something inspirational.

9. There are certain pens I only use for my writing—my favorite are G2, followed by the Uniball Micro.  I like the way my writing looks from fine point pens more so than the medium point, so I use medium point pens for all other things.

10. Anything I sign has my middle initial.  You will never find me signing anything without it, even if the original document just has my first and last name.  I don’t think my name looks right without the middle initial in there.

And no, I'm not going to reveal what the F stands

And now you probably know more quirks than you wanted to...


1 comment:

Reggie said...

I see you've got some serious weird going on.

How you gonna do a jedi mind trick on yourself with the time at home?!?

By the way, I do that with my glasses too. I feel like I am giving my eyes a rest when I'm home. Lately though, I've worn my glasses to work on a more regular basis than ever before. But I ALWAYS wear my contacts to a movie........why?!? Also one of these days I'm gonna get black contact lenses to see how the other side lives.