Monday, June 25, 2012

Those Songs Were Talking to Me: Reflecting on Michael Jackson

Today is the 3 year anniversary since The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, died.  It is still hard to believe that he is gone.  I just want to reflect on what I love about his music, and what he meant to me.

The thing that I love about Michael Jackson is he was so meticulous in the type of sound and ambiance he wanted to create.  He took pride in his lyrics and in the instrumentals that accompanied them.  If one note or arrangement was out of place, he’d adjust it.  He had a keen ear and insight that some of the modern musicians tend to miss.

What I also love about him is that he has a song for everything I was going through.  I don’t know whether it was intentional or not, but when a particular song came on, I would be like, “He is talking about me” or “This song definitely fits.”

When I would work long hours non-stop, the song “Working Day and Night” became my Get It Done anthem.

For a constant reminder that the toughest and most meaningful work of self begins from within, just take a listen to “Man in the Mirror.”  Although it is a song that reaches globally, it is one that can speak to one personally and individually.

If someone was crushing on me and wanted me to give them a chance, it made me think of “The Way You Make Me Feel.”  In some cases, being persistent in love really did pay off.

A relationship that meant a lot but ended, yet at times, you seem to think about it?  “Remember the Time” really makes me smile.  I just love the whole set up of that video—the outfits, the choreography, everything!

If I was done wrong, particularly if there was some sort of cheating involved, “Who Is It?”  I don’t know if an official video was ever done for this song; I know they had a contest associated with it, but the music and the lyrics just hit the myriad of emotions on the head.

When I was down and out, there was one question: “Will You Be There?”  It’s so easy to be there when things are great, but when they are not.  I saw it performed at one of the awards show—believe it was the MTV one and the part that stole my heart the most was towards the end when the angel came down and wrapped her arms around Michael.  I admit; I did shed a tear or two.

Yes, there were many songs that I could relate to, but those are the main ones that stick out.

As a man, there were things he did wrong.  Giving one celebrity status doesn't mean he is without mistakes.  When he does, they are magnified ten times more than an average person.  Some of the things he did were questionable; with people, he should have been a bit more cautious.  He got himself in some pretty ugly situations.  

I will never understand this.  Your before was better.

I couldn't understand all of the changes he made to his appearance.  I thought he looked just fine as a little kid, even in his earlier albums.  I didn't mind the nose (which he deemed as big and ugly).  I found it very strong, very appealing.  He tried to make himself handsome in his image, but he missed the mark that true attractiveness comes from within.  

Despite these things, Michael is an incredible talent.  I will always love his music, and as long as musicians continue to use parts of his music, he will always live.


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Reggie said...

Michael Jackson is certainly the most talented entertainer that I've ever seen. Although Luther Vandross is my alltime favorite singer, Michael was clearly the most talented that I've ever seen. I can't believe that it's been three years already. Three long years since the children have been safe.