Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Facebook...Wanna Meet

This is in correlation to a challenge I posted on Facebook:

"Name 10 FB Friends whom you have not met that you would like to meet and state why you would like to meet them."

I'm not going to issue a challenge if I'm not going to do it myself.

However, I found it hard to narrow it down to ten, but it was because there were so many people that I wanted to meet.  So I had to do the first ten that came to mind, so if you weren't mentioned, please don't feel as if I have slighted you.

Regina (aka Ms Good Karma)

1.  Regina: 

Origin:  I first started talking with her back when Yahoo 360 was the main spot where one did their blogging.  I do still miss Yahoo 360, but I am very glad that some of the connections I had from that spot still transcended over to other spots.

Reasons:  I love her positive energy.  She provides that extra ray of sunshine whenever I am feeling gloomy (and sometimes, she doesn't even realize she did anything).  I dig our contrast in that she is pretty social (loves to talk) and I'm more of the type who likes to listen.  She speaks her mind, very opinionated, and if she's tough on you, it's because you deserved it, she loves you, or both.

Tracy Hill (aka Mahogany Dymond)

2.  Tracy:

Origin:  Have to say the same as Regina (back on Yahoo 360).

Reasons:  Her accent for one--it's so sweet and thick, like peaches drenched in syrup.  When I talk to her I feel like I'm over at Big Mama's and she's sharing a story with me.  She and I have had such similar stories, especially when it comes to love gained and love loss that I feel as if we have encountered each other before.  I feel bad she and I missed each other when she was in NJ, but I'm going to be so sad if we don't make it happen some way, some how!

Chantay "Legacy" Leonard
spoken word artist/activist

3.  Chantay:

Origin:  They run extremely deep.  Back to when I was heavy in the Internet poetry groups, particularly Fireseek/Urban Poetic.  I won't go into all the details, but to make a long story short, I did experience a betrayal, and certain parties got caught up in the mix.  It caused me a lot of pain, disappointment and extremely reluctant to ever go back into the Internet poetry scene again.

Reasons:  First, I feel as if she and I have unfinished business.  There has to be closure on that particular time.  She and I got back in touch with each other a while or so back, and I would be lying if I said I did not think of the pangs of back then from time to time.  But I want to put those to rest.  Because I know outside of the drama of then, she is a good person.  She is opinionated and I do like a lot of the pieces she writes.  But she is also multifaceted, and she doesn't let too many people get to know those facets.  I would like to not only know "Legacy" but the facet who is "Chantay", the one people don't really get to.  I feel as if I'm owed that, considering all the history that has gone back since the late 1990's.

MsFeisty Carmelita

4.  Ms Feisty

Origin:  Through Facebook in one of the online clubs we both frequent.

Reason:  Strong, vibrant energy resonates from the way she talks to the way she carries herself.  She's a very forward thinker and opinionated in her ideas, yet is open to the thoughts of others.  She likes helping people and giving people the opportunity to help themselves.  She can serve as a great motivator and a cheerleader, the one constantly in your ear, saying "You can do it."  And everyone can use one of those, and I'm not excluded. 

Camille (code name, Jessica Rabbit)

5.  Camille

Origin:  I know many will think this is shocking but she's the ex of the current sweetie.  However, as it turns out, she and I have quite a few things in common, and that's how we ended up communicating with each other.

Reason:  It would just be cool to meet up with this mixture of smarts and street swag.  But I'm not sure if it will ever happen, for something always comes up the times we have planned to meet.  I'm in NJ and she's in NY (like in one of the 5 Boroughs, so I can hop on the train or vice versa).  It hasn't come into fruition yet.  We will see what 2012 will bring.


6.  SaQwanna

Origin:  Part of some of the same online clubs she's in on Facebook.

Reason:  I admit that I am intrigued by some of the meet and greets she has hosted before.  If anything, I'll be the photographer or the one just looking and taking everything in.  Plus, she is the type that has a thirst for life and adventure, possesses a lot of facets of her.  It makes her very intriguing and someone you want to get to know, most definitely.

7.  Kali

Origin: Through Yahoo 360.

Reasons: She has a lot of knowledge, particularly in the avenue of Love.  I enjoy reading her blogs and her poetry.  She is very talented.  Some of her viewpoints on Love have actually helped me in coping with some of the pain I went through in the past and re-evaluating what Love means and what it has to offer.  She just seems like she'd be great to get to know.


8.   Maria

Origin:  Through some of the online clubs on Facebook.

Reasons:  She has great energy.  Tells it like it is, whether you like it or not.  Plus, she's cool with other people who have great energy, too, like Kali, Saqwanna, and Feisty.  So perhaps we can all have a get

9.  Chane

Origin:  Through online club on Facebook

Reasons: I am a big fan of his writing ability--poet to poet.  Plus, I'm still waiting on that collaboration possibility.

Da Blowster
10.  Da Blowster

Origin:  Through Facebook.

Reasons:  I like his writings.  He and I have had some interesting conversations that have made me think.  He has a lot of knowledge and life experiences that I would enjoy taking in. 

Alrighty!  Challenge met.


Unknown said...

Awww (sniff,sniff) You know you're my soul mate from a past life. I heart your ability to just be . You have blessed me in more ways than you know. You're the reason I started blogging again (with out fear) and I thank you and appreciate you. Thanks for always being there for me. ~Regina~

Thee_Kween said...

Aren't you the bees knees? Thank you for the compliments and I am always touched when anything I've said in all of my emotional blubbering has resulted in helping folks. I'm sure it would be wonderful to meet you as well. Maria BE in NJ. lol