Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012-Do I Dare Do Resolutions?

Well, lately my New Year's Resolution is simply not to make any.  Mainly, because the few times I have made resolutions, I would do well for about a couple of months and then, slowly, but surely fall back into old habits.  So I figured if I didn't make any resolutions, I won't be so hard on myself if I fail to accomplish them.

But this year, I want to try some things a bit differently.  However, I want to deem them continuous (ongoing) goals.  For if I classify them in this way, if I get off track, I will just refocus, rather than say, "Well, another resolution bites the dust" and not even reattempt it.

So here are my 2012 Continuous Goals (but if it makes you feel better to call them Resolutions, feel free):

1.  To meet some new people

It has been a while since I've wanted to meet some new people.  The only new people I had met lately have been people I have worked with.  I stopped really wanted to meet people after my break up in 2008 and some of the drama I encountered a little bit after that.

But I think it is time to branch out some.  I want to start with people I've associated with via either Yahoo 360 or Facebook.  Some I have talked to for years and have yet to meet them.

So if they are somewhat close, like near NJ (like DC, PA, NY), I would definitely like to make plans to arrange some sort of meeting.  Or if they are visiting the area sometime in the future.

Long distance trips, on my end, until my finances improve, may prove to initially be difficult, but I definitely want to make long distance trips as well.  I do like traveling.  Plus it would be nice to interact in person with people I consider good spirits already.

2.  To de-clutter my space

There are some things I have been hanging on to for years, but now that I look at them, I have no idea why I've held on to them.  Also, certain things from my past relationship (mainly the five and a half year one) I still have.  Some of the stuff is her stuff, and I have contacted her in the past to get them, but she hasn't.  That, however, was a while back, and I have since lost her phone number and ways to get in contact with her.  So I have to dispose of things associated with that and associated with the full time job I no longer have.  I not only will appreciate the space it frees up but it will serve to be therapeutic.

3.  Back to Basics-Organizing

I have to get back to the organizing I used to do.  A lot of the things I have gone through has caused my organizing to get off track.

4.  To incorporate healthier habits

I've already started to do this since being diagnosed as a Type 2, but I have to continue by changing my eating habits as well as trying to control my sugar and carbs.

Sugar wise, my weakness are the juice drinks and every once in a while, coffee.

As far as carbs, my weakness are definitely French Fries and pasta.

Portion control is important as well, like it's better to eat smaller portions more often than to eat less often and the portions are greater.

5.  More exercise.

Don't think I have to elaborate. (LOL)

6.  To take things one day at a time

I can't get myself worked up about the unknown as much.  In the past, I did, but what I have learned, particularly with all the things I've had to deal with, is that it does me more harm than good than to stress about what I cannot control or change.  I have to remind myself I am not alone in the struggle and I have people I can reach out to if need be.

I may add more to this a bit later, but these are the ones that definitely stick out.

Happy New Year!

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Reggie said...

I've been online for years now, first Yahoo 360 and now Blogger and I've rarely met anyone in person that I originally met online. In fact, it's happened only once; but that night I met two of my old Yahoo 360 friends.

There was one that lived within 50 miles of me here in South Carolina and she was always trying to get together....but I wasn't feeling it. Still, it would be nice to put faces with some of these blogs.