Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Soul Cleanse 11: Witch's Brew (ingredient chickenheads)

First ingredient to my Witch's Brew, a batch of chicken heads.....

I thought that we could do this
sista to sista

but you ain't no sista of mine's

I even believed that we could do this
lady to lady

but one of us
lacks the ability
to be refined

so that ain't gone work, either

you see,

I'm just minding my own business
trying to be a good friend
having no earthly clue
that there are certain others
I do offend

um, excuse me?

I didn't know she was
off the market

and um, excuse me

I didn't know
she was with you

and you
and you
and you!

notwithstanding the fact
that I am already taken

but she's supposedly
"taken" with you

but wait

according to her
you are already taken
but not by her

but by another her
and another he
and another she

but you want to spit
venom at me?

greedy much?


according to her
although your im's
have touched

there has not been
any live stroking

none of this
ayo, I'm tired of using technology
none of this live
fucking must be on something

and then to come at me
with your tired lines

about how you are the one for her

about how I should stay
away from her

and then more come at me

saying I better watch my step
man you need to do a spell check
if you gone come at me correct


no sista to sista

and definitely

no lady to lady

since ya'll want to come at me

like bitches

pathetic little bitches
who titties get swollen
over pussy you can't have

and whose clits get moist
over another person
who gets too close

if that what gets you off
come on

but know that it is
a pathetic form of entertainment

and in the end
you're making yourself
look stupid
like those guys
that couldn't last a minute
with Superhead
in their beds

c October 2007

p.s. in case you still don't get it, I will give you the staccato version.

You may want to look at yourself because there is something about you that makes her NOT want to get with any of you. But it's convenient to launch your venom at me. Hell, maybe if you were more like me, some of you may represent the type of woman she'd want to be around.

But be careful what wrongful battles you pick because you are fucking with someone that not only has the ability to empower with lines but who can exercise the right to assassinate stupid mutha fuckas at any time.

Damn, ya'll still don't get it?

Okay, smaller words.

Fuck off and get a life.

Better yet........

Quit fucking with me so you will have a better chance of getting a possibility to fuck her.

Chickens, consider yourself COOKED! mean, Peace

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