Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Soul Cleanse 10: Excavation (prelude)

I have not been on here in a hot minute.

But the thing I know for certain is that drama can taint the air whether you have nothing to do with it or not.

A few weeks ago, I put up a blast concerning "snakes" in my online garden. But just because I'm not running around with guns blazing doesn't mean that I have not noticed the behaviors. Nor does it mean that I've condoned them.

Certain things that I will be writing for the next few days or so may strike a nerve with some of you.

Does it mean that you're guilty?

Or does it mean you are reading too much into what has been said?

Or maybe you have an overly paranoid mind to the point that just because you have time to be one the computer more than two hours at a time that you think others have that same amount of time to invest in causing you aggravation and stress?

I don't know. Only you have the answer to that.

All I know is that I'm too grown for the whole tit for tat. So I'm going to deal with it in one big ol' witch's brew. Then you can decide whether to spit, swallow, toss, ignore...

But it has less to do about you as it does about me.

It is all about choices, and I realize that in some of the situations, the choices I made are partly responsible for the hurt I felt. In other situations, those who are natural born hunters can sniff weakness right away, and they pounce on it, hiding their real intentions.

And in doing this, I forgive myself for times when I've allowed myself to be disrespected, neglected, and for not demanding equal care, consideration, and love after I've given it.

And I've already forgiven those who have (and even still are) viewing me wrongly, have sent nasty little messages that flooded my e-mail in my absence, involved me in stuff that didn't have shit to do with me, and accused me of things that I am way too busy with my own damn life to even do.

But I must put this out in the universe. This is more than a Soul Cleanse; this is a Clean Slate.

Cause I can no longer stay silent....

Disclaimer.....any extremely violent, vivid, or extensive nastiness in any of the following excavation blogs is the writer's right to exercise creative licensing, so reader's discretion advised....

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