Monday, March 28, 2011

Hope or Insanity

For those of you who have/had an unrelenting ex trying to rekindle things, or the booty call who didn't realize that's what it was; heck, even the crazy guy that got his signals crossed up, thinking your saying "hello" was a secret message that said "let's get together" and no matter how much you yell at him, ignore him, he still doesn't get the point.

Unrelenting Hope (or Outright Insanity)

Is there a fine line
between Unrelenting Hope
and Outright Insanity?

At first,
I would have scoffed
at the very idea
But now,
more than not,
I have to raise the query.

Because on and off
for the past
fifteen years
you keep making your presence felt
here, there, and everywhere...

this screams...beware!!!

Was our time really so good,
so extremely unforgettable?

Damn, it is so true
that Perception can warp Reality!

but you keep saying
I'm "too focused on the bad"
that "I pushed out the good"...

um, good sense of humor
that's about it

oh, you think I left something out

don't play yourself
the sex wasn't all that

but what could I compare it to?

since you were my first,
one of those things
I surely wish I could take back
but it is what it is back to the biz at hand

I'm just saying
there's nothing good
about being in a relationship
where power is unequal
and you're not treated as sacred
even after you were given
many chances...

you disrespected us
cause being with just me
wasn't good enough

so I went on,
doing my thing;
I didn't always make the best choices
but I did learn
not to believe so much
in potential
and to take true scope
of the person in front of me.

To have tried to maintain with you
would have led to further misery,
assured arrested development,
but you're so blind
trying to pick and choose
random seeds of good
and trying to make them trees

man, please...

you think I'm holding grudges
but I'm not--

I'm just grown enough to know
that you + me can't be
too bad you're still too immature
not to know that, too.
guess it'll be another fifteen years
before you get the first clue.

© March 2011
Queen of Spades

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