Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tumultuous Tuesday

My body chooses the weirdest times to let me know I haven't dealt with something--that I need to grieve, that I need some time for solace. Usually, it would give me a warning sign, but lately, it's been hitting me over the head with stuff.

I've been in the process of starting work at this hardware place..doing similar stuff I did when I was working at Target--main difference is being trained to do the power equipment. I got the initial offer around March 11th or so and they did the drug testing on site and would get me started on training as soon as the results came in.

Around that same period, I had registered for this staffing agency that specializes in light industrial and office work. Office work is my preference so I wanted them to look for opportunities for me, but my only demand is that they not be call center, since I do not like doing it at all, based on the last bad experience I had with this other temp agency I used to work for.

I get a call on the following Monday (the 14th) about a possible office position. I decided to tell the lady to send out my resume for it because: 1. The other job starts off as seasonal and then it is optional if they take me on full time. 2. The office job, if I were to get it, is long term 3. I would rather work during the day than work overnights.

Two days after that, as I blogged about, the situation came up with my grandfather and I'm having to make the road trip to MS.

The hardware place doesn't get back in touch with me until Thursday (the 17th), and by that time I am already in MS. So I call them on Friday to let them know I am out of town and won't be back until Monday-the 21st (it took me about four messages because the service people were lousy about giving the hr person messages...but they got the picture and set me up for this past Thursday--the 24th).

As far as the office job, I kept checking in with my advisor, and she told me she hadn't heard anything but when she did, she would let me know. I called her on the 24th to see if there were any other jobs that came in--she called me to let me know of another one, and I told her to send my information out for that one. I also told her that I had been hired for an overnight job, but more likely than not, I would quit that one if I was offered daytime employment rather than stretch myself thin to work both.

Just when we she and I had given up on the other job, the lady calls her on the 25th to set up the interview for Tuesday (the 29th, today, at 11 am); I am like okay.

I'm going through the steps of the computer training at the overnight job as well, which can be a bit draining and tedious. I had that today, originally set up for 4pm because I had this interview earlier.

Or so I thought.

Well, I get to the doctor's office early. A red flag should have gone up the moment the lady at the desk said "it was written down in the book". But I'm not one to automatically think the worst. I was told to have a seat and to fill out the generic application while I waited.

About 10-15 minutes after my scheduled interview, the lady at the desk informed me that the doctor had forgotten all about the interview, and if I could come back at one o'clock. But by then, I had already decided I would see if I could come early to wrap up my computer training. She said the doctor would call me later to set up things.

I went to the apartment, changed out of my interview clothes, got in normal gear, and a couple of hours later, headed to finish the computer training, which was all of the power equipment stuff.

It got to be very tiring, and my body chooses now to hit me with all of the stuff I hadn't gotten a chance to cope with since making the journey to and from MS. I just didn't feel like I could jump on the floor and start tomorrow or Thursday--not because I couldn't grasp all the material but because everything else truly started overwhelming me...like my anxiety and my depression doing battle at the same time.

So I talked to the HR person who said she would talk to the store manager about the situation because I gave her a rundown of everything.

So we will see. For right now, I am going to find some leftovers, ice cream, and possible tissue.


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