Friday, April 4, 2008

Soul Cleanse 15: Overflow

It's been a while since I've written anything poetic like. I've been feeling blocked.

My therapist said that I should write about the things, events, people, etc...that's causing me to feel this way, to express why I'm feeling overburdened and not only worn out but worn here's my first attempt of expressing anything since..well I don't really remember how long....


I've had my fill of everything.
I'm overrun with sorrow.
I no longer think of yesterdays,
celebrate todays,
or look forward to tomorrows.

I'm just a "fool in love"
thinking it will somehow get better
trying to tell myself

"it will someday"

but someday
hasn't made it yet

just a never ending spiral
into the depths of darkness
that I see and know
I'm powerless to stop

(but it has never been my job to)

yet I try and stand tall
be an Army of One
through the tumultuous tirade
of tantrums
red peeking through
pale skin
comments coated with sarcasm
words bouncing
between yearning for life
and begging for death

I'm slowly becoming numb
to the "I'm sorry"
growing nonchalant to the
"I didn't mean it"

because on some
(sub) conscious
maybe (un) conscious

she does mean it
she does mean to hurt me

It's easier to emotionally stab someone
who has constantly tried to be there

the constant who rarely sees the
smiling, fun loving,
shining through the darkness
that everyone else sees

I usually am subjected
to the high crashing down
or aciding words
coroding my base

can I really
believe she loves me
when her lips whisper love


and her movements scream lack of love



either way,
I've had my fill
of everything.

April 2008
Queen of Spades

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