Monday, December 6, 2021

31 Days of Journaling: Days 5 & 6


Howdy, everyone! The Unleashed One here, continuing my quest on doing 31 days of journaling. 

Day 5

A few days ago (maybe closer to a week ago, actually), I took my crystals test again. 

For those of you who are unaware, once I started reading literature about empaths, I yearned to learn about crystals as well. Some years ago, I took this test, and the only question it asks is which crystals catch your eye (which ones you are drawn to). You pick four and then it generates the results. 

I confess that I can't recall all of the stones from my early test ... with the exception of one, which is Lapis Lazuli. This stone actually popped up again in my most recent test. Perhaps it is one that is destined to be a mainstay. You can click the highlighted name to find out more about it.

In this picture, I am wearing Lapis Lazuli earrings and a necklace.

What prompted me to take the quiz again?

Well, I am in a new space in my life, so I believed my intuition was telling me that I needed new crystals. For the most part, it was correct. I ended up with three new crystals that I had not selected before. Click on the name to find out more about them and what they represent.

These really spoke to me, so I went on a quest to secure some, if not all, of these stones. My go-to is usually Etsy for crystals.

I did not get any clear quartz this go-round (maybe next month), but I did grab a rainbow obsidian set and an Angelite set, which are shown in the pictures at the start of the blog. I haven't worn the Angelite yet, but I did go on an outing with the Rainbow Obsidian. It assisted with keeping me grounded during moments when my anxiety would tick upward. 

A good investment all around.

More to come later.

Day 6

Today was a lot busier than anticipated 😮😮.

The shortage of certain grocery items is real. The rising prices of groceries ... also real. It sucks when a product you're used to paying $2.99 for is now $4.99. Or when all the flavors are in stock except the one you use.

I ran into that a lot during my grocery shopping today. Instead of stopping by one store to get everything, I had to divide my trip. I got what I could at the local store, dropped that by the house (and put it away), finally broke my fast by eating breakfast, then went to the other store a few towns away.

Once I got back from that store, I put the items away before heading to the gym. After my gym workout, I stopped somewhere else to get Christmas cards, so I can send them off early enough to get to people in time for Christmas.

I did not get a chance to eat lunch until sometime after 2 PM, which is later for me. Fortunately, I wasn't that hungry, but I did need to take some of my midday vitamins.

My staycation is coming to an end. I believe it has done me some good. I am realizing the importance of a proper work/life balance and putting in the overtime (even if it served a good cause) was starting to make the scales uneven. I did the best I could in not agreeing to every opportunity it was given, but even with that being said, the zest to get work done and have time to live life and relax was a strain. So the staycation, although it was "use or lose", was right on time.

Until next time. Be safe everyone!


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