Monday, August 17, 2020

Affirmations August: Entry 5

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Hello everyone! The Unleashed One here. I hope all has gone well. It's hard for me to believe that over half of this month has already gone.

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Confession: When one looks at a photograph of me, it is more often than not misinterpreted. A person may think I'm sad when I'm not. Or think I'm angry when I'm far from it. Or believe I am being sensual when that type of thought isn't even in my brain.

Today is one of the rare times I have my hair down. I tend to keep it in protective styles for less hair manipulation and protection from the elements. My different curl patterns tend to do what they wish, and I didn't bother to tame them since I wasn't going out today.

The picture was taken from a sense of stillness. I wasn't in that hyper worry of having to put on makeup. Or turning my face the right way. Or having the perfect smile. I just needed a shot "as is", and with the exception of the black and white filter (simply because I'm a fan of those types of photos), this picture is in its original form.

Even when I'm not speaking, my mind is in a constant state of motion. Most of it is planning, typically in advance. Whether it's what I'm doing personally, professionally, or creatively, it does operate mostly like a subway system, if one had to compare it to everything. The only drawback to functioning on that level is one does not stop to smell the roses. 

At first, I dismissed the importance of being still, for in my mind, being still meant not being productive. For a long time, I believed that there was something wrong if I wasn't constantly doing something.

In all reality, being still is something that has served tremendous benefit. It reminds me that even though so much has changed with the world around me, savoring moments to myself without permitting the external stimuli aids not only in my mental health but my overall outlook.

I take personal time for myself before I clock into work. I utilize time just before I go to sleep. I typically light my favorite incense or candles, close my eyes, and focus on my breathing. Other times, I put on some soothing sounds or light music, imagining my idea of utopia and relaxing there. 

It even takes place as I'm going on my walks, especially my outdoor ones.

It isn't necessary for stillness to have a specific location. It can be created whenever and wherever you are.

For me, it's "being without pressure", and that is something I require consistently.

Take care, everyone!


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