Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Affirmations August: Entry 3


Hello everyone! The Unleashed One here. I hope that everyone is having a positive productive Wednesday so far. I smile, thinking of one of the guys I work with, who would always say "Hump Day" each time Wednesday would arrive. Although I knew he would say it, it never failed to make me smile.

It is time for another Affirmation, but ...


Throughout my life, I have been told by many (friends, coworkers, even random individuals) that I have the patience of a saint. Which saint, I'm uncertain. 

It is true that as the years go by, that patience has been tested, even dwindled a bit.

On the flip side of that is the impatience that I have with myself.

✔Charge it to the drive to overachieve.

✔Charge it to being used to the satisfying feeling of achieving goals and being successful.

✔Charge it to my perfectionistic streak.

In any event, my practicing patience with myself, in the past is akin to this Bitmoji ...

table flip

Those who truly know me realize that if I am flipping shit with someone, that person did something. It was a long time coming. I don't like getting to that level with anyone because it isn't good for my Type 2 diabetes, controlled or not.

Also, if a person is worth me getting that agitated over, it means that at some point, that person did mean something to me. Otherwise, I could care less. Sounds cold, but that is my reality.


The past few years (particularly the last three), I've been looking deep inside myself. Really working on me. Doing my shadow work.

There is a difference between aspiring to be the best version of myself and putting unrealistic expectations on myself.

This difference was reflected in how I treated the behaviors of some others in the past versus my reaction if I did some of these behaviors.


For example, let's say a co-worker and I were working on a project that's to be presented in a week. We decide that we are going to have our first set of notes prepared by Monday.

I decide to work on it little by little every day, even spending a little time on Saturday to do additional edits.

On Monday morning, I get an e-mail from my co-worker, saying that she got hammered that weekend and won't have the notes until Wednesday.

Now, if I would have procrastinated on this, I would have given myself a hard time. Being late because I got drunk would not work as an excuse.

However, because this person is not me, I e-mail back and am like, "Okay. But have them Wednesday for sure."

I know that I operate on a high level when it comes to ethics and just getting things done. Although it would be terrific if others took their duties that seriously, realistically speaking, that's not the case.

You deal with different personalities throughout life. Is it really worth gnashing teeth and rolling eyes over every single individual that doesn't operate on your level? If so, that would equal misery every day of the week, come to think of it.

If I don't want to suffer from a headache every day because of people that don't fit my prototype, what sense does it make to work myself in a tizzy when I have an off day?

In a nutshell, it doesn't.

I have to be kinder to myself.

🔅If I am low on energy, instead of becoming angry, see this as my body communicating with me, letting me know to take it easy and it's better to do the task another day.

🔅If my patience is wearing thin on a project, put it aside. Take a breather and return to the project while setting no time limit on when that is.

🔅If I am experiencing pain, ask myself which before pushing through. If the pain is greater while trying to push through, pause and fall back. Give the time to heal, so that I can perform better.

Having this particular affirmation near my computer desk is very helpful. It keeps me from staying on the computer during the evening when I should be getting some sleep.

Being more mindful in implementing this affirmation has assisted in my not being as stressed along with being more productive in what I set out to do.


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