Friday, February 6, 2015

When the Giver Becomes the Receiver

Hello! This is an old picture but the expression matches what I am feeling at the moment. You see, I'm so used to being the one doing the giving, whether it's a joke to put someone in a better mood or just providing a surprise just because. This time, I was in for quite a treat.

Let me back track a bit. 

Confession: I have always been a huge fan of technology. Certain things I'm slow to come around with, being that in some realms I'm old school. One thing is books. Although new technology has come out (e-readers), for me nothing beats the feel of having a book in the hand.

Yet, ever since I've become aware of e-readers, one has definitely struck my fancy. You can actually say I've stalked it a bit over the years as the technology has improved.

It is the Kindle.

I've observed it as it has grown. Yes, I love technology but not enough to where I get something immediately after it comes out. I let other people do that because by the time I get around to it, all the kinks will have been worked (usually).

Even as they started adding Internet capability and HD, the price still didn't seem quite right. When I start off a sentence with, "With that money I could take care of such and such bill" that is basically all she wrote.

I was raised to where if something wasn't "a need", you can do without it. In a way it helps me put things in perspective but it also serves as curse, too-- because I don't give myself permission to actually splurge on an item. It easy to do it for others who are extremely close to me but like pulling glass out of my foot when it comes to me.

Then, I saw the Kindle Fire HD 6, and it was just something about it. It was a good size as it pertained to portability. It would be helpful since I was doing a lot of reading, and a lot of the selections were coming as .mobi files more so than .pdf (even though Kindle reading app can handle .pdf). In addition, it would be nice if I could take a break from using my phone for dang near everything except for the simple act of calling people.

Plus, they finally had it in different colors other than black. A Citron Yellow and Cobalt Blue definitely tickled my fancy.

Late last year, at the start of the "Holiday shopping" rush, the price of the Kindle Fire HD (both sizes) began decreasing. At one point, the Fire HD 6 got to a very low $79.00. I added the item to my wish list and even debated on taking a chance and gifting it for myself. Then my laptop started showing signs of wear and tear, and my husband wanted to invest in gifting me a laptop since he knew how much I relied on having one.

For me, the laptop was a "need". Kindle Fire HD 6, still more of a "want", despite the price being right. So I passed, and since the new laptop also had tablet capabilities, it was like killing two birds with one stone.

With that being said, I stopped looking at the Kindle Fire HD 6 (although I still dug the Cobalt Blue), yet didn't get around to removing it from my Wish List. That was my mistake.

No matter where I surfed, it was as if Amazon was haunting me, telling me "You know you still want the Kindle Fire HD." I even got correspondence when it got discounted once again, not as low as $79 but pretty darn close. I was joking with my best friend about it but had decided I could just dream. Besides, no matter what, "the needs" still came first.

Okay ... here we go

Earlier today, my buddy let me know that a package was on its way and gave me the tracking number. I told her that (1) the mail ran pretty late in these parts and (2) I probably wouldn't see it until I got off work. She was like, "Okay but let me know when you get it."

When I finally made it home, I was on the phone with her and noticed a package was in the mail box. It looked pretty big for a flash drive, which she had told me she was going to send me as it relates to back up graphics and such. I originally decided to wait after I had gotten fully settled in before opening the package.

She wasn't having it. 
She's like, "Are you going to open the box or what?"

Well, she'd always been a bit on the impatient side. 

Nevertheless, I indulged her and was impressed by the packaging. Perhaps it was a box of chocolates.

It was wrapped in my favorite colors: blue and gold. I did follow the instructions on the "surprise" folder which instructed me to open the gift wrapped package first. 

A few times I had to shoo away the cat because he likes to sniff new things.

I tried to open the little card carefully but Amazon must have gotten their gift wrapping training from my grandma because it was hard to get this open.

Yet I finally did.

There are not enough words to mimic the look on my face. Just imagine about a million shocked smileys, along with the thought of "I should kick your ass" which is what I actually said aloud to her. Not too many people can sneak a surprise past me, and she (who usually chomps at the bit to tell surprises) actually kept Mum the whole time. Well played! Well played!

Yes it is blue. I haven't officially started using it because I want to get it a screen protector and carrying case. I have come up with a name for it. It shall be Cobalt.

How does it feel being the receiver instead of the giver? 

Yes, slightly awkward but incredibly great at the same time. I'm not going to say I'll get used to it. I will say I'm thankful and open to receiving.

So thank you, Jazz for giving me something~ you know that even if I had the money to spare, I'd never get it for myself. Normally I wouldn't just share with the world like this but I just feel incredibly blessed by our kinship, so there it is.

Until next time.


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