Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1st Thoughts of 2015

Hello everyone! It has been ages. Lots of people tend to apologize when it's been a while since they have blogged but then you begin to wonder if that is really necessary. 

I look at it like this. If people keep up with you, then they know if you're busy or if you are going through some things and don't necessarily wait for a blog to pop up before saying, "Thank goodness you are blogging again!"

Since I tended to be a normal blogger, then the alarm may get sounded if I am away for a bit. Blogging, before it was used for marketing, did actually serve as a journal for some people. I aim to keep No Labels Unleashed more personal. This is my sound off spot. This is my journal of sorts. Don't want to get this deep: that is what A Queen's Ramblings is for (which is soon moving to Wordpress).

For those of you who have stuck by me through when I blogged on Yahoo 360, then Multiply and finally here, there aren't enough thanks in the world that can cover it. 

What have I been up to?

I've been very busy with writing but also helping out other authors. I've been doing the reviews and getting back in touch with my love for reading.

Yet there are times when I do get a bit rattled, so I will detox here.

As a reviewer, I wonder how some of these books get published. If they were edited, the person either didn't do a very good job or the person had no idea how to edit. 

Then, if you don't give automatically give top stars to a book, even if you don't think it's a good book, then you get people who complain (even though it says specifically on the site that the reviews are posted even if they are critical). Yet those are the same ones who claim they can take criticism. I wish they would be honest with themselves and reviewers. They should just say, "I can take criticism when it's delivered with hot chocolate and whip cream on top." 

Not saying I'm insensitive but that's not how the world works. 

Want five star reviews all the time? Only show it to your fan club or those who will say it's outstanding (even if it's crappy). Or buy top reviews, which unfortunately seems to be the trend more often than not these days. But don't continue to get upset at the honesty and delivery of said honesty that you said you could take. Why should I read something from an author who doesn't take the time to read the instructions at a place where he wants reviews? 

As one who does anything managerial, at times I just wish people would take the time to ask questions if they don't understand something, instead of blowing things out of proportion. I've been a part of a meeting where the other person blew up about the way something was highlighted for emphasis and come to find out the task was a lot simpler than it was made out to be. Then I'm part of other meetings where information has to be repeated, even though the concept was brought up months ago. I just feel like it takes up valuable time where we can be talking about new ideas when we constantly backtrack discussing the old. 

Those on the outside may wonder, well why not eliminate the dead weight

I understand what companies go through. Like they know an employee is bad news, yet they don't have anyone that can take the person's place. Can the company really deal with one less person? What is the balance between morale and productivity? That is the struggle. So in this situation, one has to make due in order to do better and hope that someone believes in what you're trying to accomplish and join in.

I am doing a great job in recognizing how I can be sometimes, as it pertains to my excitement over a passion. Have you ever been so passionate about something that you just dive right in? Yet in my passion I had to step back and realize that I wasn't the architect; I can't be more invested than the creator. All I can do is be constrictive yet encouraging but fight the urge to take over because that isn't fair. That way, it would keep any resentment from growing because of how easily I can go from "suggesting" to "volunteering" in zero to sixty. Sometimes because of my helpful nature, it happens and next thing you know, I'm in the thick of the action.

If I can temper my "take over" tendency, then I won't risk sabotaging a great thing. I just have to take things one step at a time.

Writing wise, there are short story and poetry projects in store. My short story muse and my poetry muse are working things out so that one shouldn't have to be sacrificed for the other. 

Yet in all this writing busy, I know that my husband feels a bit lost in the shuffle. I always try to include him because he may find something or see a creative angle that I may miss. He met me during the time when I was a bit dormant (writing wise) so it's taken a lot of adjusting on his end. For me, it's adjusting as well because while I'm being a columnist, reviewer, author, and assistant, I can't forget about being a partner. I'm glad he is around to remind me to find balance, although telling a Virgo to balance and not work as much is like telling a cat not to chase a mouse (possibility of that is slim).

I don't do New Year's Resolutions. I stopped doing those a while ago but I won't take over two months to circle back here again. That I can tell you.

Besides, where else can you catch me dropping some language I wouldn't use anywhere else?

Take care everyone!


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