Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cover Reveal: Continuous Drips (Speaking via Author Swag)

Hi everybody!  Normally, I tend to post my writing things separate from here but this time around, I'm just so excited that I have to share the news everywhere.

If I could turn back the clock, three years, even two years ago, I never would have imagined that I'd be actively publishing again, along with getting Smashwords and Amazon Best Seller distinction for my poetry.  Now, I'm taking the step from just doing poetry to writing short stories and I am proud to showcase the cover of the latest project of which I was a participant.

Before I reveal the cover, I'd like to share a small excerpt of one of three of my short stories that's featured in this anthology.  The story is entitled "Afro Shock".  In this particular scene, Pyruva the main character walks into her first period class and is shocked at what she encounters:

Afro Shock

Pyruva quickly got to her feet and grasped her bag. As she went through the door, she swore the two cops were laughing. When she looked over her shoulder, their faces were solemn.

Hmm, let’s see. What is my first class?” Pyruva said, looking at her schedule. “African-American History, room 208.”

She quickly rushed upstairs and walked into the room. Twenty pairs of eyes stared at her. Then the room filled with laughter.

Girl where did you get those jeans, from the Salvation Army?” a girl with platinum blonde hair jeered, pointing a long silver artificial fingernail in her direction.

Why her hair is dyed blond yet she is as black as me, Pyruva thought. And why does she have fake nails on top of her own?

Yeah!” a honey toned girl with thick long braids chimed in. “That look is out! FUBU is in!

What’s FUBU?”Pyruva asked, causing everyone to start laughing again.

All right class! Cut that out and settle down!” the teacher chided.

Pyruva was utterly confused. What was this “FUBU”? Why was the teacher’s hair permed? He was a black man, and the black men she knew were against the “creamy crack”. Why was that girl’s hair blond? Black people weren’t born with blond hair. What kind of high school was this?

What’s your name, young lady?”

Pyruva. Pyruva Allen.”

He glanced at his roll book. “Pyruva… Pyruva. Oh yes! You’re here for my class, World Civilization.”

There must be some mistake. I signed up for African-American history sir.”

Let me see your schedule,” he answered.

Pyruva put the slightly crumpled paper in his hand. She noticed that it was smoother than hers, as if he didn’t know the definition of hard labor. “This has to be some type of mistake. African-American history is not taught here. Get a reprint of your schedule and then come back.”

My other two stories featured in Continuous Drips are "Misfortune" and "Útil".

All right, all right!  I won't make you wait any longer.  I'll even skip the whole "drum roll". (lol)

Continuous Drips by The Collective
(Da'Kharta Rising, Synful Desire, and Queen of Spades)

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Debuts November 12, 2014

Da'Kharta Rising of All Authors Publishing House

General Genre of stories: Dark Drama

Take a trip into darkness with Da'Kharta Rising with "Unrest", "Omitted" and "The Kutters".

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Overall Genre of Stories: Erotica, Love/Romance

Love, loss, and erotic heat hypnotically swirl in the mind of Synful Desire when reading "Derailed Endurance", "Final Prep to Happiness" and "FAN-tasy Island".

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