Sunday, April 27, 2014

W is for Winter

Confession: I am not the biggest fan of Winter.

Hello everyone!

This past Winter in New Jersey has been the wackiest ever.  Or maybe not.  Perhaps the winter happened exactly the way it was supposed to.

You see, ever since I moved up to New Jersey, I was told about how bad the winters could be.  Yet for quite a few years since being here, they had been relatively mild.  Sure, the first couple of years I had to adjust to the "not so Southern weather".  Now if the temperature is mid to low 40's, that's a good day.

Here are some things I do know:

1. Harsh winters suck for cars that are low to the ground, like my car.

2. People in SUV's tend to drive overly aggressive simply because they have all wheel drive. Yet even that can't save you from a potential accident.

3. My landlord was such a slum bucket (read "cheap") that he didn't want to pay someone to ice and shovel. So he opted to negotiate with some of the male tenants in exchange for dollars off the rent.

4. One positive thing about technically living in the attic: since heat rises, my need to use the actual heater was significantly less.  At times, I actually had to turn on the fan.

5.  My hot chocolate consumption was greater.

6.  My desire to exercise was sluggish. It was very hard to get in gear.

7. To me, Uggz aren't that cute but I sure could have used some.

8. There's nothing like wet snow to indicate when you have a tear in your shoe. Too bad I had to toss that pair--they were my second favorite.

9. I'm still not use to wearing a scarf around my neck, even if they do keep my neck warm.

10. Big snow flakes like clinging to my locs.

Bring on Spring!


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