Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A is for Adjustments

Hello everyone!  How goes it?  The last time we talked it was at the end of 2013.  The absence was not intentional.  On the contrary, it has been full of activity.

I know there is this blog initiative out there where you doing a write from A-Z in the month of April (skipping Sundays).  A lot of people have officially signed up.  I'm going to do it but on an unofficial level to keep people up to speed on what's been happening.

So why I did I choose "Adjustments"?  I've been going through (and seeing) a lot of them.

1.  My short story muse and my poetry muse do not work the same.  I have to really set aside the time to write a story.  With a poem, when I flow, it gets written down: no timing required.

2.  Some people are just friends with you to build up their quantity (numbers) without focusing on the interaction.  A growing pet peeve of mine is when someone reaches out for friendship, just to give me the spiel about his new book and that I should purchase it.  The Facebook author page really comes in handy with that.

3.  As a reviewer, some people are really chummy with you until they get a rating of less than four stars.  You start to see one's colors then.  I'm not saying that a person can't get upset if a review skews more critical than she anticipated, yet if a person promises a honest review and gives it, one can only get so mad.

4.  One has to be careful who he shares his dreams with.  This didn't happen to me but it happened to someone very close to me.  Someone he used to mentor took an idea that he shared with him and is now implementing (and imitating badly) the very same idea.  I usually don't talk a lot about what I'm going to do; I just do it and I'm so glad I have held on to that philosophy.

Blog wise there will be some changes.

1.  The fate of No Labels Unleashed on Wordpress

A while back, quite a few people were telling me that it would be wonderful if this blog was also on Wordpress.  I did try it as an experiment.

You know how it feels when you are working on something that is close to you?  I don't get that feel from No Labels Unleashed on Wordpress.  I don't feel moved to post on there like I do on here.  I even thought a redesign would change my point of view, but something is just missing.

Blogger is my origins and was a mainstay after not being impressed with so many other locations.  Plus a lot of good people I connected with are on here and still use this avenue.

Therefore, I will be taking the steps to shut down NLU on Wordpress.  Any posts on Wordpress that aren't on Blogger will be posted on here.  I'll make the formal announcement on there momentarily and push for a total shutdown on May 1st.

2.  The fate of The Fame and The Shame

I have started to merge The Fame and The Shame with The Review Board.  Since both of them are review oriented, it made more sense to put them together than to separate them.  Blog transfers are near completion and once that is done I will delete the Wordpress site and the Facebook page altogether.

That way, the only site that will be on Wordpress will be The Review Board.  It will make things a lot simpler, and I want to go for simple and effective more so than trying what everyone else is trying.  I know what works for me and what isn't working.

All right, that's about all for now.  I'll be in touch very soon.  Take care!


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