Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 Year In Review: July-September

I know for some, it's not really a big step to officially be married if you've been living together.  However, I'm not one of those "some".  After the initial proposal in late 2011, I found myself doing mental preparation and getting used to calling him my fiance'.  It was the same thing with transitioning to being a wife and having a husband.  

July was the first inkling where we as a unit were starting to feel the impact due to a change in finances.  I had walked away from the second job in May and cuts in staff caused the loss to his employment in June.  July was when I really had to look and see what was needs vs. wants.

Despite all the background turmoil, I continued to be productive.

17.  I put the final touches on Eclectic and started preparing both versions: Skin Edition and Beyond the Skin, slating them for a September release.

18.  I was invited to be a part of Y. Correa's Read and Review Board along with being a part of Chick Lit Pad.  Unfortunately, I stepped down from one because of an issue that collided with my integrity.

19.  Close to the end of the month, the Sweetie was informed of a job opportunity that would take him out of the state.  He decided to take it because of what he was promised and because there hadn't been any luck so far with the job hunt.  I was a bit on the cautious side, since I was taught "if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is" but I let him go because I wanted to support him.

20.  The Eclectic Collection (Skin Edition and Beyond the Skin) made their debut around my birthday.  I didn't really do too much.  Like my grandma, I was just happy to make another year.

21.  The Review Board that I set up in January began to grow.  I ended up gaining the former members of Y's Read and Review Board, plus I had "Mr. Controversy."  It really helped to be busy.  I didn't feel as lonely or as down about things that were going on around me.

22.  I did have an instance where I wished I wasn't right about something.  It was in reference to the job opportunity the Sweetie pounced on.  One dynamic fell apart, and it caused everything to crumble.  That's what happens when a businessman can't separate business dealings from personal dealings.  As a result, it wasn't even a full month before I got the call to get the Sweetie from the train station because he was heading back to NJ.

This block of time proved to be one of the toughest to endure personally.  As far as with my writing, I was thriving and getting good feedback from Reflections of Soul.  It's amazing when one part of my life is going well, the other part is sluggish.  It's rare that all components are going at warp speed at the same time. 


Reggie said...

Sounds like you had a rather interesting quarter.

No Labels said...

Well, it wasn't exactly a picnic...lol